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Polyurea Gym Workout: Beauty and Brawn

People go to the gym to work on their appearance. But what happens when the gym’s appearance is lacking? That was the problem at a popular gym located in a major mall in Southern California.

People go to the gym to work on their appearance. But what happens when the gym’s appearance is lacking? That was the problem at a popular gym located in a major mall in Southern California. The operators of the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California knew that they needed to upgrade the outdoor pool deck (located on the second floor ...

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Leveling Off


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Living Tiny: Spray Polyurethane Foam Helps the NextGen Net-Zero/ Healthy Home Achieve Zero Energy Usage

USI Building applied spray polyurethane foam insulation to the exterior of a Tiny House.

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Ed Begley Jr. and SPF LEED The Hollywood GREEN Revolution

Ed Begkey Jr., Hollywood actor, had Icynene spray polyurethane foam insulation applied to his home.

Green has multiple meanings for noted actor, director, producer, and conservationist Ed Begley Jr. It of course signifies his long-standing commitment to environmentalism and “Green” causes. It also; however, represents the money that he has saved through his commitment to conservation. Both meanings combined during the construction of his new 4,000 square-foot home, built from the ground up to the ...

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Reaching New Heights: PMC’s New Patent-Pending AP-EX Spray System Facilitates The Application of Spray Foam

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-EX Spray System allows the spray foam applicator to reach new heights.

  One thing that is certain about spray foam projects is that each one is different. Whether it is a small- or large-scale insulation or roofing application, varying building sizes and dimensions present hard-to-reach areas that are almost impossible to access without the use of lifts, ladders, platforms, or scaffolding. These difficult-to- reach areas require contractors to add safety equipment ...

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Leading The Way

Lapolla promotes success in the spray foam industry via education.

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is becoming more accepted among homeowners, but is experiencing relatively modest growth among the commercial sector. To combat this, forward-thinking industry leaders are reaching out to spec writers in a bid to educate them on the cutting-edge, high-performance benefits of SPF. After all, the key to successful inclusion in project bids is education – not only ...

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Selling Effectively: The Secrets of a Successful Sale of a Spray Foam Contracting Business

SES Foam discloses how to sell a spray foam business effectively.

  Did you ever wonder why one owner seemingly has buyers strongly interested in their spray foam contracting business while another owner’s business seems to languish on the market with very little interest? It starts with understanding what the drivers are that create business value, how value is determined, and then what steps are necessary to prepare your spray foam ...

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Open-Cell Game Changer: A New Innovative Ultra-Low Density Open-Cell Spray Foam Technology Provides Increased Productivity at a Lower Cost

SWD Urethane launches Quik-Shiled 108 open-cell spray polyurethane foam

  LOW VS. ULTRA-LOW DENSITY Open-cell spray polyurethane foam is known for being a half-pound density insulating material that can provide optimal, seamless insulation and reduce air infiltration through a building envelope. Because of its low density and large cell structure, open-cell SPF imparts many advantages, including providing an air barrier, good R-value, but most importantly, high product yield. Lower ...

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May / June 2016 Spray Foam Magazine is Now Available

The 2016 May/June issue of Spray Foam Magazine is out now!

JUPITER, FL– May 2, 2016 –There have been some important changes in building codes and standards.  The May/June 2016 issue of Spray Foam Magazine contains articles explaining those changes, as well as stories identifying the latest trends, because today’s trends becomes tomorrow’s standard. This issue also features a new issue of Spray Foam Magazine Canada. The digital issue is now ...

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