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An Intumescent Coating Fireproofs the Foam Insulation Inside Airplane Maintenance Facilities at Sawyer International Airport

International Fireproof Technologies, Inc DC315 helps fire-protect the spray foam insulation inside plane hangars.

Fireproof Aeronautical Maintenance An intumescent coating fireproofs the foam insulation inside airplane maintenance facilities at Sawyer International Airport By Juan Sagarbarria  If there’s one paramount component to aviation that stands above others, it is safety. Whether it is a small-engine Cessna or a commuter jet soaring through the open skies amidst photographic aerials views below, or a 747 commercial airliner ...

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A Conversation With Joyce Wallace, Marketing Manager, Chemours

A Conversation With Joyce Wallace Marketing Manager, Chemours By: Juan Sagarbarria  Integrity, leadership, building relationships, and producing results are the four components that define Joyce Wallace, North American marketing manager for Chemours, as a professional. Her career with Chemours (formerly DuPont) has been full of challenges, but the successful introduction of a new low-GWP blowing agent that will help the ...

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Spray Foam Insulating a Castle

The Grand Castle is currently wrapping up its construction in Grandville, Michigan.

Insulating A Castle Unique multi-family complex receives an SPF application By Juan Sagarbarria  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a castle? I think we all do at some point, even after we’re all grown up. As it turns out, there are castles that exist closer than you’d think and there’s no need to go to Eastern ...

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Into The Wild

The headquarters of Bass Pro shops expand their “Wonders of Wildlife” Museum and Aquarium to become home to arctic animals with the help of spray foam By: Jourdan Porter Supplying all of your needs for outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and more since 1971, Bass Pro Shops never ceases to evoke excitement when setting foot into one ...

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A Contractor’s Perspective on Tackling a Challenging Job

SprayWorks Equipment Group Spray Foam Roof

Overcoming Obstacles on a Florida Roof A Contractor’s Perspective on Tackling a Challenging Job By John Davidson When I received a call for a job in Florida that came from a referral, I quickly realized this project was going to be a major challenge. Working with roofing, spray foam, and even coatings—each project is different. However, this project presented its ...

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Spray Foam Roofing Application Bolsters School Building Inside Kentucky’s Fort Knox Military Base

Greater Than Gold A spray foam roofing application bolsters A school building inside Kentucky’s Fort Knox Military Base By Juan Sagarbarria  You’d think that Fort Knox Military Base—one of the most prestigious army posts in the United States and home of the United States Gold Bullion Depository—would not require extra protection in any way. After all, the United States Gold ...

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An Act of Kindness (For the Love of Baseball)

Spray foam specialist bequeaths baseball prize trip to a friend By Juan Sagarbarria  Within the world of spray polyurethane foam, we see many ways in which industry members come together to help each other get through different hurdles derived from complicated applications. Whether it’s a supplier sending out a technician to help their contractor troubleshoot equipment or a spray applicator ...

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The More You Know, The More You Grow

grow your business with reviews and ratings

Reviews are a valuable factor to grow and shape the outlook of a business. Here are tips to stay on top of your game. It is no secret that reviews are important for your business. When looking into a new product, contractor, restaurant, or movie, I am sure you first looked at the reviews to determine if it would be ...

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Working with Spray Foam in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Applications

By Robert Naini  Every year, as the leaves change colors, the air becomes crisper, and as the holiday season approaches, temperatures drop and sometimes we forget what kind of impact the colder weather can have on spray foam operations. Imagine this situation: Your spray foam installer gets to work, comfortable and relaxed, ready to start his day. But the diesel ...

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Ask the Expert: Soffits


How do I spray foam soffits in an unvented attic configuration By Mason Knowles  Soffits can be tricky to insulate and air seal properly. But if you apply a few basic building science principles, you can be confident the soffits are done correctly. First, consider that the role of the building envelope is to separate the inside environment from the ...

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