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Executive Outlook

Executive Outlook: Doug Kramer


A Conversation with Doug Kramer, President and CEO, Lapolla Industries, Inc. By Ryan Spencer One of the biggest names in spray foam insulation, Lapolla Industries, Inc. has been at the forefront of innovative SPF products in recent years. Spray Foam Magazine talked with Doug Kramer, President and CEO, about Lapolla’s past, present, and future. Spray Foam Magazine: What’s your background ...

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Executive Outlook: Mitch Clifton


A Conversation With Mitch Clifton – Director of Business Development, NCFI By Ryan Spencer NCFI was one of the world’s pioneers of polyurethane foam in the 1960s, and since has developed product lines in residential and commercial SPF insulation, commercial roofing, geotechnical applications and OEM technologies. Spray Foam Magazine spoke with Mitch Clifton, NCFI’s Director of Sales, about the company’s ...

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Executive Outlook: Dennis Vandewater


A Conversation With Dennis Vandewater – President, SPFA By Ryan Spencer Since being elected as SPFA President in 2014, Dennis ”Denny” Vandewater has leveraged three decades of experience in the SPF industry to lead the organization. For its inaugural Executive Spotlight, Spray Foam Magazine was able to speak one-on-one with Denny to get his outlook on the spray foam industry. ...

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Executive Outlook: George Spanos


A Conversation With George Spanos – President, Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc. By Jen Kramer A drive to be the best and an uncompromising work ethic combine to create one of the most successful spray foam distributing companies on the East Coast, if not in the U.S.: Sprayfoam Distributors of New England, Inc (SFDONE). Spray Foam Magazine spoke ...

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A Conversation with Bonnie Stickler

Bonnie Strickler of Puff Inc. talks to Spray Foam Magazine

Both behind a desk and on a roof pulling hose, Bonnie Stickler, Puff Inc.’s Owner and President, has seen the spray polyurethane industry evolve from a specialty niche to a major player in the construction market. She recently spoke with Spray Foam Magazine about her role as a leader in a changing, and challenging, industry. BY JEN KRAMER Spray Foam ...

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Executive Outlook: Gary Wolfe


A Conversation with Gary Wolfe – Executive Vice President, International Fireproof Technology, Inc. By Ryan Spencer With a full line of life safety and fire safety products, International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) has made an especially significant impact in the spray foam industry with its flagship DC315 intumescent coating. Spray Foam Magazine had a conversation with Gary Wolfe, IFTI’s Executive Vice President, ...

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Executive Outlook: Chip Holton President, NCFI Polyurethanes


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