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Spray Foam Equipment

Keeping Your Options Open: Spray Foam Systems’ New Line Of Spray Rigs Offers A High Degree Of Versatility

Competition: on one hand, it’s the force that signifies a thriving, healthy, growing industry; on the other hand, it’s the force that adds an element of risk to getting that next job. The spray foam industry is not immune to this fact, and SPF contractors respond to competition with differing strategies. Some companies focus on their core strengths, while others ...

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In The Know: Information and Control Are The Name of The Game With Graco InSite

To meet a project’s specification, accuracy and precision are the lifeblood of a successful spray foam application. Every aspect of a proportioner’s operation–temperature, pressure, the amount of material, and so on–must be carefully monitored in order to deliver the a suitable application. But ensuring the correct parameters isn’t always an easy task, and it can be downright daunting when a ...

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Zipped In: ZipWall’s Barrier Systems are Providing New Solutions for Overspray Containment

When it comes to the application of spray foam insulation, there’s always a risk of overspray. Polyurethane particulates can be damaging to surfaces they aren’t intended to go on. When contractors don’t take appropriate measures to manage overspray, the aftermath of an SPF insulation application can be devastating. That being said, most SPF contractors are wary of the dangers of ...

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Pump It Up: IPM’s New OP300S Pneumatic Pump Streamlines the Spray Foam Application Process

A spray foam application begins with the chemicals: a drum containing A-component (isocyanate) and a drum containing B-component (polyol resin). The first critical juncture is the transfer of the chemicals, the link between the drums and the proportioner. To facilitate this important process of all SPF applications comes International Pump Manufacturings’ (IPM) best model yet: the OP300S. The OP300S is ...

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Aiming High, Thinking Small: CJ Spray’s Innovative AiMS Spray Rig Combines Productivity and Mobility into One Compact Unit

There’s an ever-evolving lineage of spray rigs as suppliers work to provide SPF contractors with optimal equipment solutions for spray foam applications. Rig components, from generators and proportioners to compressors and drum heaters, are constantly being updated in the latest models. Likewise, interior layouts are constantly reconfigured to better facilitate the application process. That being said, one major factor in ...

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The Low Down: Extensive R&D by SPI Leads to New Frontiers for Low-Pressure Applications

When contractors typically think of low-pressure proportioners, they think of sacrificing production for portability. That’s not necessarily true in every case, as Specialty Products Inc. (SPI) has taken a systems approach to low-pressure applications by designing both materials and equipment. The company’s Low Pressure Gear (LPG) and High Volume Low Pressure Series (HVLP) proportioners are both intended to spray proprietary ...

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No-verspray: SprayBot Ultra Withstands Extreme Conditions to Successfully Assist a Commercial Roofing Restoration

Heat settles in to El Paso like a politician into a gerrymandered district. For the past century and a half, the sprawling West Texas city has averaged 15 summer days in which it hit the 100-degree mark. It’s an A/C-dominant climate, which contributes to higher energy bills for local residents and businesses. A regional supermarket chain with locations throughout the ...

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Straight Flush: The Low-Down on Heated Hose Maintenance

Heated Hose Maintenance Flushing

The quality of a spray foam application will always be dependent on properly functioning SPF equipment, regardless of how many years experience an applicator might have. And yes, equipment maintenance is as necessary as it is time-consuming. Heated hoses are critical to the consistent flow of material, which translates to a uniform spray and ultimately, better foam. However, the material ...

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Gun-Points: Spray Gun Disassembly and Cleaning Tips

Spray Gun Cleaning

The success of any given spray foam application–indeed, the success of the industry itself–is dependent on what happens inside a spray gun when the trigger is pulled. With that kind of significance, it’s crucial to perform spray gun maintenance on an ongoing basis in order to ensure proper functioning. Of course, the frequency with which an applicator does this depends ...

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Big Things, Small Packages: SprayKraft Delivers a Versatile Plural-component Spray Pump That Sprays Everything From Foam to Metallic Coatings

Falling temperatures, falling ice – not a good combination. “The towers were collecting ice during the winter time,” said Jeff Himmelwright. “That ice would come down from the tower, hit the foundation and sheer the concrete off.” The situation was problematic, as damaged foundations would lead to damaged communication towers. The solution was the application of a two-component coating to ...

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