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Spray Foam Equipment

Reaction Time: A Spray Foam Contracting Firm Rebuilds Its Operation With the Integrated Reactor


Winter tends to put a halt on spray foam applications, due to temperature regulation and condensation concerns. As the cold subsides, however, SPF applicators typically prepare for the impending busy season that continues through summer. For EcoLogic Energy Solutions, things start picking up around April, and 2012 didn’t buck the trend. “It’s a very busy time of year for us,” ...

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A New Fleet: Polyurethane Machinery Corp. Provides a Navy Ship Builder With MIL-SPEC Proportioning Machines


It’s common to hear the term “high-performance coating” tossed around, with the discourse typically revolving around roof coatings that can survive excessive weathering and sun damage, and containment linings robust enough to withstand corrosive chemicals. However, rarely do you hear of coatings designed to withstand pressures greater than 25 times that of Earth’s atmosphere; or single-digit temperatures, Celsius; or the ...

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Schmidt and Dirks’ Innovative Spray Foam Equipment Streamline the Foam Trimming Process

The main objective was to create a trimmer that could but cut foam aggressively and not damage wall studs, which function as guides during the foam trimming process. To implement such a trimmer, S&D began with a chainsaw. The company retrofitted a 14” electric chainsaw, made by Makita, into a chain-driven, t-shaped rotary planer. The business end of the planer, ...

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Tennessee Chill Box’s Heat-Beating Air Conditioned Respirator System is Published in U.S. Patent Application

The Chill Box delivers up to 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air. Standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) require airflows of only 4 cfm for respirator masks and 6 cfm for respirator hoods. “I actually hired an OSHA instructor and inspector to work on ...

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Hands-Off: 3M’s Auto Calibrator Takes the Guesswork Out of Refillable Low-Pressure Systems

For spray foam applications, properly maintaining the A and B material in a 1:1 proportion, also known as being “on-ratio,” is one of the most significant factors affecting application quality. Low-pressure spray foam kits, including refillable units, have long endured the tedious, wasteful and time-consuming process of manual calibration to maintain on-ratio material. The Auto Calibrator, the new proportioner component ...

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Co-Generation Technology Brings a New Level of Efficiency to Proportioning Systems

An improvement in energy efficiency is perhaps the most effective selling point for spray foam contractors trying to communicate the benefits of SPF insulation and roofing to their customers. However, efficiency isn’t relegated to just the final product of a spray foam application; the process itself can benefit from efficiency-improving initiatives. Graco had that notion in mind when designing a ...

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Evolution: A Look at the History of Proportioners and Heated Hoses for Spray Foam


In the early 1960’s, in response to the emerging opportunities created by the development of polyurethane foam formulations, Fred Gusmer adapted an epoxy machine to demonstrate the feasibility of spraying urethane foam directly onto a substrate. The initial tests were encouraging to the point that Gusmer developed the famed air operated FF Proportioning Unit complemented by the Model D-Gun and ...

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