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Spray Foam Industry

Looking To The Future


  By Ryan Spencer A competitive market like the spray foam industry brings numerous challenges to the businesses operating within it. SPF companies are engaged in ongoing chess matches of positioning and repositioning themselves. In some cases, the matches occur within SPF’s segment of the insulation market; that is, brand against brand. While competition between fellow SPF companies is unavoidable, ...

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How Low-Pressure Systems Can Transform Your Insulation Business


  By Ryan Spencer In the current business environment, you can’t afford to sit still. The spray foam industry is growing quickly and competition is increasing, all while the economy at large is plodding along, slowly but steadily upward. In a situation like this, complacency will lead to stagnation. Companies that make concerted efforts to improve and/or grow operations will ...

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New to Spray Foam?


Getting Started in the Spray Foam Industry. The Big Questions You Should Be Asking. By Ryan Spencer It’s no secret the spray foam industry is booming, and will continue to do so in the future. With any industry rife with opportunity, new entrants are a certainty. However, there’s no dipping your toe into the spray foam industry; it’s an all-or-nothing ...

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5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Sprayfoam 2015

1. CONNECT & RECONNECT: Sprayfoam 2015’s attendance is already looking like a milestone: the initial convention hotel, the Hyatt Regency, was quickly booked, and the overflow hotel, the Double Tree, may also sell out. With that in mind, all signs are pointing to a record-breaking year for attendance, so there’s no better time to connect with new friends and reconnect ...

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A Bright Future: A Visual Recap of the 2014 ICAA Convention & Trade Show

POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS As always, the convention provided an excellent forum for presentations on some of the biggest topics in the insulation industry. Some of the major discussions included: the latest data on retrofit air sealing; an overview of PPE; the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare; an SPF update from the Spray Foam Coalition; and a ...

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The Next Chapter: A Look Inside Demilec’s Cutting-Edge SPF Manufacturing Facility

The sheer size of the facility might have made it problematic to navigate, were it not for the clusters of green and white balloons to guide the way to the ceremony. The air-filled beacons directed foot traffic to the ceremony’s forum–a space seemingly large enough to build commercial aircraft. In actuality, the space was outfitted for manufacturing Demilec open-cell spray ...

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Meeting Every Need: Polyurethanes Prominently Promoted at UTECH North America 2014

Spray polyurethane foam, while a high-growth and versatile material in its own right, is just one component of the larger polyurethanes industry. The scope and breadth of the industry shows that polyurethane is indeed a miracle molecule. Beyond spray foam’s role in our walls and ceilings, polyurethanes are broadly interlinked with numerous aspects of everyday life, from our attire and ...

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Sealing The Deal: The ABAA Conference Provides an Effective Forum for The Air Barrier Industry

Known for its colorful casts of characters, Orlando fittingly hosted the equally diverse air barrier industry at the 2014 ABAA Air Barrier Conference & Trade Show. The conference brings together builders, contractors, design professionals, and manufacturers from across the country on an annual basis, with 2014 marking the third occasion. The main focus of the conference is to provide a ...

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Rising Tide: Spray Foam Rescues 135-year Old Vessel From Deterioration

Marine vessels, like all things in life, have an expiration date. As years go by, ships are subjected to damage derived from corrosion, rusting, leaking hulls, forceful ocean breezes, and relentless tides. These floating structures transition from needing minor repairs to requiring constant, significant maintenance, to the point where said vessel is subject to steady deterioration. In the long run, ...

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The Golden Years: NCFI Marks 5 Decades of Polyurethane Prowess

Longevity isn’t an attribute commonly observed in industries as young as the spray foam industry. In eras of high growth, companies rise, fall, get acquired, or are spun off. Sustained success can be hard to come by in a volatile business environment, but NCFI has tallied 50 years of operations by focusing on what matters. “It really means that we’ve ...

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