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Demilec – Spray Foam Manufacturer

The Next Evolution of HEATLOK

High Lift

  • Reduce your number of passes, spray 6.5” in a single application. That’s an R-49 in 1 pass!
  • Achieve an R-value up to 7.5 per inch.
  • Improve your job site efficiency with reduced gun clogs, superior substrate adhesion, and more consistent spray.
  • Combines Demilec technology with Honeywell Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent to produce an ultra-low GWP closed-cell foam.

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Demilec - Spray Foam Magazine advertiser

POLARFOAM PF -7300-0 SOYA — Urethane Foam Insulation Material

  • High R-Value
  • Air & Vapor Barrier
  • Adheres to Any Surface
  • 18% Recycled & Renewable Content
  • The Only Spray Foam Product Tested Against Radon Infiltration

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