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Fundamentals Of Open- And Closed-Cell Foam

Open-cell spray foam is intended as cavity insulation inside exterior and interior walls, and for use in attics and crawlspaces.

By Robert Naini In the world of spray foam, there are two categories of products: open-cell and closed-cell foam. Open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation products are regularly used on many different types of projects in commercial, residential, industrial applications, and on various substrates such as wood, metal, and concrete. OPEN-CELL SPRAY FOAM Open-cell spray foam is referred to as ...

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Executive Outlook: Dennis Vandewater


A Conversation With Dennis Vandewater – President, SPFA By Ryan Spencer Since being elected as SPFA President in 2014, Dennis ”Denny” Vandewater has leveraged three decades of experience in the SPF industry to lead the organization. For its inaugural Executive Spotlight, Spray Foam Magazine was able to speak one-on-one with Denny to get his outlook on the spray foam industry. ...

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The Road to Discovery: You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

At this point, it probably isn’t necessary to convince anyone that content rules digital marketing, and chances are your company is already producing it, or has hired a content expert to create it on your company’s behalf. Furthermore, your company already may have cultivated an audience, thereby establishing it as an expert resource within its domain, be that roofing applications, ...

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Riverside Restoration


Spray Foam Restores Roof Of Historical Downtown Building In Petaluma, California By Juan Sagarbarria Situated nearby California’s picturesque Wine Country, the city of Petaluma is a quaint haven tucked away between a backdrop of mountains and the winding Petaluma River. Along the river, Petaluma’s historic downtown area features a famous marina known as the Turning Basin, a hub for entertainment ...

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Dome Sweet Dome


Closed-Cell Spray Foam Provides Structural Integrity and Optimal Insulation for a Monolithic Dome Home By Juan Sagarbarria Every year, an estimated 337,000 people take the proverbial road that leads west to California, where magnificent sceneries combine with its signature Pacific climate to reel in many an out-of-towner. For these transplants, the region’s alluring characteristics seem to generally outweigh the potential ...

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Sky-High Seal: Spray Foam Provides an Air Barrier to a Rotunda’s Roofdeck Inside Charleston International Airport


Imagine yourself as an operator of an airport that is in dire need of structural renovations and you are well aware the building is being affected by air leakage and infiltration. Do you want air, moisture, or insects to continually get into the building and cause damage? Do you want the noisy sound of jet engines to emanate throughout the ...

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Business Beyond Borders

Business Beyond Borders

The U.S. may be the single largest spray foam market in the world, but international markets are leading the way in terms of growth, presenting an enticing opportunity for enterprising suppliers and distributors throughout the industry. Companies large and small are taking part in the globalization of spray foam, with companies like Louisiana-based SPF equipment manufacturer and distributor SPF Depot ...

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Opportunities with Injection Foam


By Ryan Spencer If you’ve spent any time in the commercial side of the SPF industry, particularly working with CMU buildings, you may have heard the term ”injection foam” thrown around, albeit referencing something other than polyurethane foam. Indeed, there is another kind of foam insulation peaking the interest of not only major retailers like Wal-Mart and Publix Supermarkets, who ...

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Balancing Versatility & Performance


By Juan Sagarbarria It is no secret that high-pressure, plural-component equipment sustains the majority of spray polyurethane foam projects. Applications stemming from a large, high-pressure proportioner housed inside a spray rig and connected to several hundred feet of hose is a common sight in the SPF industry. While these machines are undoubtedly effective, and may meet the high production capabilities ...

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Bidding Better


By Ryan Spencer On the mind of most every contractor is one ever-present issue–the next job. It’s a familiar dance: the perpetual search, the due diligence, and the bid. Every aspect of landing a job requires substantial effort on the part of the business owner and sales team in following leads and properly assessing prospective jobs. Bidding, however, is a ...

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