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New OSHA Rule And Its Impact On Spray Foam Insulation Safety


It’s a common sight in the spray foam industry: an applicator getting into an attic or crawl space to bolster a home’s insulation. While accessing these confined spaces, crewmembers are exposed to potential risks that could lead to workplace hazards, including low oxygen, fumes, and flash fires. To raise awareness and combat these risks, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ...

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Executive Outlook: Mitch Clifton


A Conversation With Mitch Clifton – Director of Business Development, NCFI By Ryan Spencer NCFI was one of the world’s pioneers of polyurethane foam in the 1960s, and since has developed product lines in residential and commercial SPF insulation, commercial roofing, geotechnical applications and OEM technologies. Spray Foam Magazine spoke with Mitch Clifton, NCFI’s Director of Sales, about the company’s ...

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First Authority: Break Through the Competition by Being the Authority in your Market


With the undeniable growth of the spray foam industry, and with new players continually entering the market, it’s important for established companies to leverage their experience as much as possible. Sure, informing customers of about decades of experience with spray foam might tell them you have expertise, but does it convince them? In other words, are you truly an authority ...

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No Finer Liner


A Polyurea Application Bolsters the Concrete Surfaces of Two Wastewater Tanks By Juan Sagarbarria Water treatment tanks provide the important function of storing wastewater and turning it into clean water that can subsequently be used for a number of different purposes. This recycling process is a vital example of how we can repurpose our resources for the greater good. However, ...

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Run All Night


Keeping Your Equipment Running Properly is Mostly about Planning and Partnering By Ryan Spencer The most important aspect of maximizing your productivity in the field is making sure your equipment is functioning optimally. It’s a matter of fully understanding how a spray equipment system works, executing on that knowledge in the field, and leveraging whatever resources are at your disposal. ...

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Waterfront Workplace

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices By Juan Sagarbarria Builders and architects go through rigorous lengths to equip structures with robust barriers to prevent moisture infiltration, particularly for buildings that are within proximity of the water. This thought pattern solidifies the notion that if the structure is actually situated on the water, builders would have to approach ...

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Stay Cool

A Spray Foam Roof Lowers Electrical Costs and Maintains Ideal Temperatures Inside a Building Containing a Large Freezer

  A Spray Foam Roof Lowers Electrical Costs and Maintains Ideal Temperatures Inside a Building Containing a Large Freezer By Juan Sagarbarria One of the major budget points for someone who owns a cold storage business is energy consumption. Since keeping a consistent, near-subzero temperature while storing goods for others is the nature of the beast, energy bills can easily ...

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Selection of Insulation Systems for Exterior Masonry (Mass) Walls


By Xuaco Pascal MASS WALLS IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Wall designs using continuous insulation on the exterior have also been described as the “perfect wall.”2 This is becausethese wall systems are very efficient and can be used confidently in any climate zone. Not only does moving insulation to the exterior improve efficiency, it also facilitates flexibility in design, addresses thermal bridges ...

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4 Critical Factors Affecting Performance

4 Critical Factors Affecting Performance

Proportioning machines are the beating heart of spray foam applications. Knowing this, spray foam contractors should want the best possible machine to operate in the field. Obviously, no two machines are exactly alike, and this contributes directly to the functionality and performance of the machine in the field. ”In theory, it’s not the equipment that is really any different, it ...

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3 Signs You Chose The Right Supplier

The Key to Global Energy Reduction

All spray foam manufacturers claim high R-values and promise optimal energy efficiency, which comes as a result of all leading spray foam insulations being superior to other available solutions like fiberglass and cellulose. To consumers, architects, and builders, the leading brands of spray foam may appear to offer the same intended result of insulating and air sealing a home or ...

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