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What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business

Dream, Struggle, Prize: What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business By: Spray Foam Equipment & Mfg.  Whether you are new to the spray foam industry, have been spraying foam for years, or are a contractor looking to expand, taking the first step can be scary. However, there has never been a more exciting time to get started or grow ...

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Featured Canadian Contractors

Featured Canadian Contractors

Featured profiles on Canadian spray foam contractors. Link to Article: Featured Canadian Contractors

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Reaction Time: A Spray Foam Contracting Firm Rebuilds Its Operation With the Integrated Reactor


Winter tends to put a halt on spray foam applications, due to temperature regulation and condensation concerns. As the cold subsides, however, SPF applicators typically prepare for the impending busy season that continues through summer. For EcoLogic Energy Solutions, things start picking up around April, and 2012 didn’t buck the trend. “It’s a very busy time of year for us,” ...

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Rebuilding the Diocese of the Arctic: Warmth Insulation Helps Rebuild Iqaluit’s Most Beloved Cathedral


Iqaluit, Nunavut. Population; 75,000. Location; Canada, just outside the Arctic Circle, home of St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral – the Diocese of the Arctic. Once referred to as the brightest star in the realm of cathedrals, St. Jude’s igloo-shaped place of worship was lost by arson in 2005, leaving a dark residue not only on the ice, but also in the ...

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Gitmo Goes GREEN: An Old K-Span Structure Becomes Fit for Sustainable Service


The degradation of facilities located at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is no different than the state of many military bases throughout the world. It’s plagued with deteriorating concrete, metal, & wooden structures, mainly due to lack of budgeting for maintenance and compounded by Caribbean Island climatic conditions, including salt water-related corrosion issues. The military and dedicated civilian personnel ...

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2012 IECC Codes Build on 2009 Improvements


The comfort, efficiency and health benefits of a tightly sealed home have been well documented in recent years, garnering attention from organizations like the American Lung Association and Energy Star. Traditionally, homes have been built to “breathe,” a concept emphasizing the exchange of air between a home and the outside environment. Now, construction methods are aimed at reducing this occurrence ...

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Spray Foam 2012 Exhibitor Preview


The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) will celebrate its 25th anniversary at the largest gathering of spray foam contractors in the U.S. The SPFA 2012 Conference & Expo will be held from Jan. 30 – Feb. 2,2012, at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas. The four-day conference offers a schedule packed with accreditation courses and seminars, breakout sessions, industry awards and ...

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Spray Foam Man on a Mission


Imagine a hurricane-proof house – a building raised over 6 feet above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) that is built with such structural fortitude that it withstands Category 5 winds whirling at over 150 miles-per-hour. This was the house that Eric Price, Spray Foam Inspector, had envisioned prior to the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005: Katrina. When she ...

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Cold Weather Spray Foam Application Techniques


Full-time spray foam contractors up north often lose the “full-time” aspect of their business during the winter months. Frigid temperatures pose several problems for SPF application; however with proper training and product selection, solutions are available. It’s important to be aware of certain factors, and learn a few tips and tricks for outsmarting the cold. Veteran SPF consultant Mason Knowles ...

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Calculating Yield in Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications

Calculating Spray Foam Yield

A common question among spray foam contractors is “how much yield can I get from my spray foam?” Obtaining good yield from your spray foam can lead to a better bottom line. In many cases, a spray foam contractor will base their purchasing decision on the yield they expect to obtain from a nominal low density, medium density or high ...

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