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Introducing the New

The SPF Industry’s Number One Website Gets More Than a Makeover

It’s been a long time coming, but excellence is worth the wait: the new is upon us. After months of development, which included an expanded scope of work, the new website is debuting the first week of July.

”We knew we had to hit a home run with the new site, and we’ve done exactly that,” said Editor-in-Chief Ryan Spencer. ”With the new’s features and benefits, the SPF industry’s number one website is now in a league of its own.” has been truly re-envisioned and rebuilt from the ground up: beyond aesthetic changes that benefit the user experience, there’s entirely new functionality as well.

A New Look: The most conspicuous feature of the new will be its design. For years, we received feedback that while our website was functional, it was also ”busy.” Now, we’ve streamlined the look while improving the functionality of the website. Content is featured prominently on the left two-thirds of every page, and banner ads have been repositioned to the right third of the page. The menu bar has been simplified to improve navigation, and the use of white space facilitates readability.

Contractors – Get Found:  The core of, the contractor finder, has been completely reimagined from the ground up. No more searching through page after page, and category after category. By default, searches are location-based, with the contractors’ service areas in mind, rather than just their headquarters. Furthermore, searches can easily be refined with numerous filters without having to navigate through additional web pages.

Straight to the Source:  Not to be outdone by the contractor finder, the new supplier directory has also been totally revamped. It’s similarly location-based, factoring in both suppliers’ headquarters and distribution locations. Also, as with the contractor finder, there’s no more endless searching through a maze of web pages. Supplier listings have also been revamped to more easily connect prospective customers with distributors and systems houses.

Get in the Know: has long been the number one source for information about spray foam. Now, that information has been totally overhauled in the new Education Center, which first and foremost houses’s content library on all things related to spray foam: material, equipment, safety, building science, and more. The Education Center is also the new home of’s E-Books, which provide in-depth information about everything from the basics of SPF to technical building science issues.

The Hottest Products: The new places greater emphasis on the tools contractors use to get the job done: equipment, accessories, safety gear, and rigs. The all-new Online Gear Guide is an extension of the Gear Guide featured in Spray Foam Magazine. With the online edition, there will be even more products, and they will be added and updated on a regular basis.

Linking the Industry: Community has been a huge part of since Day 1, and user-driven content remains a high priority on the new website. Announcements, classifieds, and promotions are all streamlined on the New

What’s Trending Now? From the beginning, one of’s main objectives was to keep users connected to whatever was going on in the industry, with news updates happening on a daily basis. Now, the new gives users instant updates with its live Twitter feed, which features all of the industry’s biggest names. The live feed will ensure users are aware of breaking news and events the second they happen.

Looking Forward: The new isn’t simply a redesign for the sake of flash, but rather an attempt at redefining how our users experience our website, and how our website functions to facilitate business.

”We believe our website is at the heart of how the SPF industry does business online,” Spencer said. ”So, as evolves, it’s a boon for the industry as well.”

Really, it’s all about looking forward–seeing where technology can take people, and where people can take an industry.

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