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4 Tips for the Right Machine and the Right Supplier

4 Tips for the Right Machine and the Right Supplier


SPF equipment distributors stake their reputation on the sale of each proportioner from the industry’s most trusted brands. With new contractors entering the spray foam industry, the buying process can be complicated because they most likely lack the technical knowledge involved in buying the right machine. It can be complex, because proportioners have an array of available options: the type of pump, the pump size, the heating capacity, the control unit, and so on. Therefore, it is important that prospective contractors educate and prepare themselves to get the machine that best fits their needs and will hopefully serve as a foundation for a long, fruitful business. In order to get into that mindset, there are a few considerations to which contractors should adhere.

1. PRODUCTION VALUE:  Obviously, contractors are looking for the best possible piece of equipment that falls within their budget. However, it might be prudent to consider buying a high-performance machine that provides greater production value and less downtime in the field. Nationwide distribution companies such as S.P.E.C. Technologies (S.P.E.C.), which distributes Revolution Machinery proportioners, advocate quality production value for every machine that they sell and service.

Revolution Machinery manufactures a robust, heavy-duty machine that is built for potentially harsh environments. Their machines are easier to service and maintain in the field, so that if anything should ever malfunction, it enables the Revolution service team to get their customers back up and running with minimal downtime.

“Our goal is to provide a high-quality piece of equipment at an entry to mid-entry level price point that allows for easy operation with a minimal learning curve to get started,” said Revolution Machinery’s Tim Nick.

Nick noted that the American-made Revolution series pneumatic proportioner line was designed and built to cater to the production demands of the contractor, with its main characteristics being high volume and ample heat that allow for the processing of a variety of spray foam and coating products.

“After selling and servicing most of the major brands on the market, we found the Revolution Machinery team to be the most innovative manufacturer we have dealt with,” said Matthew Mullins, General Manager at S.P.E.C. “Simplicity is the key to ensure less downtime, more productivity, and that our customers understand the equipment we sell.”

2. SUPPLIER REPUTATION: Whether you’re purchasing American-made or internationally manufactured equipment, you should know exactly who and where you’re equipment is coming from. Consumers should have a complete understanding of who their manufacturer and supplier are, and where they stand in terms of quality standards, track record, and overall history in the business.

“I think one of the biggest pitfalls that new contractors face is the confusion about the players of the industry,” said Nick. “When shopping for new equipment, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask where the origin of the equipment comes from. At Revolution Machinery, we pride ourselves on the fact that we employ American workers and that we manufacture our machines with as many U.S. components as possible.”

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Consumers should expect nothing short of stellar customer service from a distributor. If the machine is as good as it is presented and promoted, then it should be equally backed up by a component technical service team that will cater to the customer’s needs. The customer should expect to be promptly supported by their supplier any time there’s a technical issue. Companies like S.P.E.C. pride themselves for their attentiveness to their customers.

“An educated customer should expect prompt return phone calls and prompt service response every time,” said Nick. “I think the integrity of a supplier is largely based on how efficiently and professionally they handle a customer’s issue. We realize that unexpected malfunctions happen to contractors in the field, so in the field, it’s all about how you as a distributor services those problems that makes you a great distributor. To offer unconditional support, it is essential for the manufacturer and authorized dealers to understand every nut and bolt of the machine they sell so they can isolate any problems quickly and efficiently.”

Nick noted that Revolution Machinery distributors strive to isolate any type of problem within an hour after initial contact if any parts need to be obtained to fix the issue. If necessary, those parts are sent out overnight.

4. HANDS-ON TRAINING: Contractors should seek suppliers that provide peace of mind through fully educating their customers on the technical aspects of spray applications. Case in point: S.P.E.C offers a hands-on, in-field training program for their customers to better educate them on the ins and outs of the machine and the application. This training is welcomed by Revolution Machinery, as they automatically extend the customer’s limited warranty of their proportioner from one year to two years just for receiving the additional training. Nick mentioned that Revolution Machinery is the first and only equipment manufacturer to offer this exclusive warranty extension.

“We’ve found that a contractor who is properly trained on the equipment makes fewer mistakes throughout their learning curve,” said Mullins. “By providing this training session, we know that the equipment has a greater chance of operating properly. The training greatly reduces the frustration of both the contractor and the dealer.”

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