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5 C’s Of Designing Effective Banner Ads

5 C’s Of Designing Effective Banner Ads

Almost as old as the web itself, the banner ad has defined internet advertising, even in today’s marketing landscape. While its cousin the text ad has soared in popularity, thanks to Google, the banner ad remains a time-tested means of visual marketing communications. Despite its ubiquity, however, a poorly designed banner ad is an all-to-common sight. With a small space in which to work, and a short amount of time to capture a viewer’s attention, an effective banner ad design can mean the difference between a conversion and a waste of money. Below are five principles for ensuring your ad doesn’t fall into the latter category.

What is the purpose of your ad? Building brand awareness? Driving traffic? Generating conversions? The answer will dictate how the ad copy is formed. Three things should be addressed in the ad: what (or who), why, and how. What (or who) is the subject matter at the heart of the ad, and could be a product, company, or cause. Why is the reason for interacting– reading and clicking–with the ad, and could be features or benefits. How is the call-to-action (CTA) communicating to the viewer what a click entails, and could be joining a service, buying a product, or finding out more information.

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