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Protective Coatings

A Towering Task: A Standpipe Water Tank in the University of Albany is Restored with Multiple Coating Applications

At the University at Albany, N.Y., a 320,000-gallon standpipe water tank is hiding in plain sight underneath a landmark carillon and an advanced fluoropolymer coating system from Tnemec. “It’s a gorgeous water tank,” explained Carl Bye of Performance Coatings New York, Inc. “I’ve worked in the area for more than three decades and have never seen a sculptured steel standpipe ...

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Ground Control: Polyurea and Spray Foam Work in Tandem to Encapsulate Crawlspaces

It has been said that home is where the heart is; a place to prosper, raise children, and enjoy the fruits of ones labor. On the surface our home truly is our castle. What about what goes one below the surface, in places we can’t see? Over time, many problems can develop. Allergens, insects, and rodents– not to mention moisture ...

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This Cookie Doesn’t Crumble: Polyurea Is Used To Bolster The New SPF Roof Of A Commercial Bakery’s Ingredient Plant

Creative Food Ingredients (CFI) bakery has become a reference for folks searching for the perfect cookie in the state of New York. To uphold its reputation of client satisfaction, CFI focuses on ensuring that the production process of their cookies is always of the highest quality. In order to keep their famously delicious cookies nice and fresh, CFI’s owners took ...

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Cooling Coat: United Thermal Systems utilized Gaco Western’s EPDM Roof Restoration Coating System to Significantly Decrease Gym Roof ‘s Temperatures

Making a roof waterproof while giving it a high insulation R-value is an attainable goal when spray polyurethane foam is applied. However, when there are monetary constraints due to strict budgets clients adhere to, contractors must find alternative methods to produce the closest, if not the same, results possible to what an SPF roofing application can provide. Such was the ...

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Texas Two-Step: A Specialty Contracting Company Uses Pre-Sprayed Liners and On-Site Spraying to Restore a Secondary Containment Area with Polyurea

When it comes to industrial containment applications, coatings typically play a significant but passive role. However, maintenance and restoration efforts can bring coatings to the forefront of operational attention, particularly in the event of downtime. When the East Texas facility of a major pipeline operator required a serious restoration initiative, the company set out on a search for the optimal ...

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Flame Fighters: Thermal Barriers, Ignition Barriers, and their Relationship with Spray Foam Insulation

Undoubtedly, the most important coatings used in the spray polyurethane foam industry are the ones thatprotect building occupants. Previously, in the March/April 2013 Issue, we went behind the scenes to show how thermal and ignition barriers are tested. Now, we make the transition from controlled testing to real world usage. Link to Article: Flame Fighters: Thermal Barriers, Ignition Barriers, and ...

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High Hat: Polyurea Restores the Roof of Dayton’s Tallest Building

    Kettering Tower, a 30-story office building located in Dayton, Ohio, first opened its doors for business in 1972 and to this day remains the tallest building in the city. The skyscraper, which is clad in steel and glass and boasts a half-million square feet of office space, was purchased for nearly $22 million in 2005 by an investment ...

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Tough Enough: Tuff-Gard’s Unique Two-Component Rubber Membrane is Making Headway in the Roof Coatings Market

Northern climates can be a nightmare for roof coatings, and the higher the latitude, the worse it gets. For Canada, the transition from mild summer to sharp, biting winter can take a toll on most roof coating materials. Drastic temperature drops can cause coatings to contract and crack, thus nullifying the sealing and waterproofing benefits they would otherwise provide. “The ...

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A New Fleet: Polyurethane Machinery Corp. Provides a Navy Ship Builder With MIL-SPEC Proportioning Machines

It’s common to hear the term “high-performance coating” tossed around, with the discourse typically revolving around roof coatings that can survive excessive weathering and sun damage, and containment linings robust enough to withstand corrosive chemicals. However, rarely do you hear of coatings designed to withstand pressures greater than 25 times that of Earth’s atmosphere; or single-digit temperatures, Celsius; or the ...

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Roboliner: The Evolution of the Polyurea Secondary Containment Market

The robot made one pass and then another, back and forth, as the entire machine methodically lurched along a length of geotextile fabric. “It doesn’t get tired; it doesn’t get hot; it doesn’t think about lunch; it doesn’t have a girlfriend; it keeps on running,” Mike Whitener said, over the noise emanating from the machine. “It just works.” Standing on ...

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