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Protective Coatings

Poly Performance: Polyurea Seals a Water Feature Complete With Lights, Jets, and Fire

In Macau, China, a luxurious casino sits proudly on a busy peninsula. This grand casino, which is far from being unnoticed, is about to catch everyone’s eye as a brand new front-yard water attraction is only days away from completion. Not Just A Fountain  According to Craig Kowalski, technical director at Hydrotech Waterproofing Solutions, this new fountain consumes roughly 21,000 ...

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Market Cap: World’s Largest Food Distribution Center Gets a New Spray Foam Roofing System

In the Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point, food distribution is taken seriously. That attitude is a necessity, considering the area is home to the world’s largest food distribution center. When the aging roofing system of the distribution center’s meat market was in need of rehabilitation, a combination of spray polyurethane foam and silicone coatings was deemed the optimal solution. The ...

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Elastomeric Coatings Offer Roof Rehab for Existing Roof Systems

We know a lot more about sustainable, effective building now than we did even a short 15 years ago. A prime example is the proliferation of buildings bearing metal roofs that were constructed in the 1980’s and 90’s. Now, these buildings desperately need renovation. Metal roofs experience excessive movement due to heat cycling (expansion with warming and contraction with cooling). ...

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Last Resort: Polyurea Rescues the Construction of a Hotel & Casino in Curaçao

The name Curagao intrinsically brings to mind visages of white sand and turquoise Caribbean water. Indeed, the country of less than 150,000 people supports a tourism industry that brings in millions of visitors on a yearly basis. The island’s hotels and resorts are critical in keeping those tourism numbers up, and equally critical in keeping the resorts running is their ...

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On the Waterfront: Compromised Secondary Containment Installation is Restored and Waterproofed With Polyurea

Stemming from the Choctaw word for “Long river,” the Atchafalaya River is a distributary of the Mississippi and forms some three hundred miles from its mouth, making a southward beeline through Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico. About 15 miles from where it empties into the Gulf, at Atchafalaya Bay, the river is bookended by the towns of Berwick and ...

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SPF: The Roofing System That Costs Only 17 Cents per foot / per year?

Although the title of this article may or may not be 100% accurate in every case, read the scenario below to see how spray foam roofing systems and GE silicone coatings are helping building owners eliminate roof leaks, and pay for the cost of their commercial roofs with energy savings and longer life cycles. Silicone coatings by GE have been ...

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