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Spray Foam Roofing

Spray Foam Homework Pays Off For School Roof

A little research regarding roofing materials results in big dividends for a Colorado charter school. By Jen Kramer Charter schools are known for celebrating freedom of choice. After all, they are independent of traditional school districts and the students who attend them choose to do so – well, at least their parents choose for them to do so. So it ...

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Roofing In The Far Frozen North

Ice build-up and water leakage is prevented with spray foam in Nuiqsut’s Community Center. By Jen Kramer North of the Arctic Circle, slightly south of Point Barrow, lies the tiny Inuit village of Nuiqsut, Alaska. Surrounded by tundra, there are no trees, no hills or mountains, nothing to break the harsh, bitterly cold Arctic winds that can reach speeds of ...

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SPF Goes To The Dogs: Petco Roof

Spray Foam Petco Roof

One of 2015’s largest roofing projects encompassed a single roof and a quarter of a million pounds of foam. By Jen Kramer One of the largest spray polyurethane foam (SPF) projects of 2015 was a roofing project that required almost a quarter of a million pounds of foam. Believe it or not, it wasn’t a series of roofs, but rather ...

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Robo Rehab

A NCFI spray foam roof is applied with a robotic sprayer.

A spray foam roofing system application is efficiently expedited with the assistance of a robotic tool By Juan Sagarbarria It can be nice to have a robot do the work for you – particularly if said machine can be just as efficient, or more so, than a human when completing a task. The spray foam industry does not shy away ...

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SPF Roofing Applications Create Unique Hazards

By Harry Dietz, Director of Risk Management, NRCA Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a roof system installation with unique chemical components, application techniques, and worker protection requirements that vary from other roof system installations. Although edge, skylight, ladder, and roof opening hazards are also found in SPF installations, a roofing contractor faces unique challenges when implementing controls to minimize other ...

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Domes in the Wilderness

Polyseal uses SWD Urethane spray foam in a dome building roofing project in Alaska.

Spray foam and polyurea combine to protect two domed buildings near an Alaskan radar site By Juan Sagarbarria Radar bases. We know they are out there, yet we cannot pinpoint many or often any of their locations without referring to a detailed map or executing a strategic search engine query. Rightfully so, being that their ultimate purpose is to safeguard ...

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The Topping on a Historic Candy Factory

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Ask Not What Your Roof Coating Can Do For You…

BY STEVEN REINSTADTLER John F. Kennedy said, when addressing the 87th Congress in 1962, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” That statement’s fiscal and literal meaning is not lost on the contemporary financial decision of whether to tear off a leaking roof and reroof it or to make repairs to the cause of the ...

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Prep for Success

Spray Foam Magazine Discusses the Do’s and Don’ts for Prepping a Roof Substrate Prior to a Spray Foam Roofing System Application

Spray Foam Magazine Discusses the Do’s and Don’ts for Prepping a Roof Substrate Prior to a Spray Foam Roofing System Application BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA Sustainability, energy use reduction, prominent R-value to the building, enhanced wind uplift resistance… the benefits of a spray foam roofing systems have been well catalogued over the years to the point where, in many cases, an ...

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Ups and Downs

A spray foam roofing system consisting of Gaco Western materials restores a multi-level roof

A Spray foam Roofing System Consisting of Gaco Western Materials Restores a Multi-level Roof By Juan Sagarbarria There are spray foam contractors that might balk at a certain roofing project that presents a myriad of complexities and hesitate to bid for the job altogether. On the other hand, some contractors confidently welcome the challenge, denoting that their expertise makes them ...

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