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Spray Foam Roofing

Condo Comfort

Two Roofing Companies Combine Forces to Apply Spray Foam to the Roofs of 18 buildings Inside a Condominium Complex By Juan Sagarbarria From a simplicity standpoint, it can be argued that living in a condominium is a more manageable scenario than inhabiting a house, given the maintenance and added expenditures that comes with the latter. Furthermore, one factor that instinctually ...

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Stay Cool

A Spray Foam Roof Lowers Electrical Costs and Maintains Ideal Temperatures Inside a Building Containing a Large Freezer

  A Spray Foam Roof Lowers Electrical Costs and Maintains Ideal Temperatures Inside a Building Containing a Large Freezer By Juan Sagarbarria One of the major budget points for someone who owns a cold storage business is energy consumption. Since keeping a consistent, near-subzero temperature while storing goods for others is the nature of the beast, energy bills can easily ...

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The True Cost of Spray Foam Roofing

By Juan Sagarbarria For those well versed in the world of roofing and protective coatings, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an industry staple. SPF’s cutting-edge properties have long been considered the ideal qualities that contribute to a high-performance roofing system. By the same token, building owners have found themselves spending more upfront money for an SPF roof than with other ...

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Santa Ana Breeze

A spray foam roof installation repaired leaks and eliminated the possibility of wind uplift for the roof of an office building in Southern California

A Spray Foam Roof Installation Repaired Leaks and Eliminated the Possibility of Wind Uplift for the Roof of an Office Building in Southern California By JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Santa Ana winds are famous for their dryness and ferocity, which temperamentally fluctuates throughout the Southern California seasons. The inland, down-sloped Santa Ana winds are certainly a seasonal force in the nearby-Los ...

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Riverside Restoration

Spray Foam Restores Roof Of Historical Downtown Building In Petaluma, California By Juan Sagarbarria Situated nearby California’s picturesque Wine Country, the city of Petaluma is a quaint haven tucked away between a backdrop of mountains and the winding Petaluma River. Along the river, Petaluma’s historic downtown area features a famous marina known as the Turning Basin, a hub for entertainment ...

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The Right Treatment

A four-step spray foam roof system eliminates leaking issues for Philadelphia Water Department building

A Four-step Spray Foam Roof System Eliminates Leaking Issues for Philadelphia Water Department Building By JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) function goes way beyond providing water to the homes and businesses of the city made famous by Rocky Balboa and cheesesteak sandwiches. Before the water can be distributed, the PWD tests it for quality so that the end-user ...

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Roof With a View

A Dual Spray Foam Roofing System Bolsters and Insulates Home Overlooking the City of El Paso By Juan Sagarbarria It’s quite the setting: a scenic view consisting of the Franklin Mountains, where the sun comes up and illuminates the city of El Paso, Texas, letting its residents know a new day has begun. That’s one of the exulting benefits an ...

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Foam On, Foam Off: A 30-year old, Gravel-topped SPF Roof was Rehabilitated Without a Complete Roof Removal

Once roofs reach a certain age, a decline in their performance and the overall performance of the building is virtually inevitable. Granted, the type of roof system has a significant influence on the longevity and resiliency of the roof. Yet, even if an aging roof was comprised of topof- the-line, cutting-edge materials, it doesn’t mean that maintenance will never be ...

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Winter Break: A Two-Part SPF Roofing Application Gives A Building New Life

Restoration projects don’t always go as initially planned. Quite often, different challenges arise in which contractors must improvise to get the job done. When it comes to spray foam roofing systems, most installation complications are derived from environmental constraints: heavy rain, volatile temperatures, or high winds that lead to overspray, or volatile temperatures. Similarly, seasonal climate issues led to Weathertight ...

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After The Storm: An Investigation Into Roofing System Performance During A High-Wind Event

Hurricane Season is officially here, and leading up to its June 1 start, the National Hurricane Survival Initiative released its Top 10 Mistakes that U.S. coastal residents make during this time of year. The list touched on evacuations, insurance, and general safety, but most relevant to the SPF industry was Mistake #4: failing to protect the home. Home protection involves ...

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