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Search Results for: marine applications

A Watertight, Fighting Lady

USS Yorktown spray polyurethane foam insulation

The USS Yorktown’s (The Fighting Lady) engine room receives a facelift with the help of spray foam providing optimal insulation and water barriers By Jourdan Porter  Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is widely recognized as an insulating material that keeps water out of any building structure to which it is installed. But what if the structure itself is on the water? ...

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Waterfront Workplace

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices By Juan Sagarbarria Builders and architects go through rigorous lengths to equip structures with robust barriers to prevent moisture infiltration, particularly for buildings that are within proximity of the water. This thought pattern solidifies the notion that if the structure is actually situated on the water, builders would have to approach ...

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A Conversation With Joyce Wallace, Marketing Manager, Chemours

A Conversation With Joyce Wallace Marketing Manager, Chemours By: Juan Sagarbarria  Integrity, leadership, building relationships, and producing results are the four components that define Joyce Wallace, North American marketing manager for Chemours, as a professional. Her career with Chemours (formerly DuPont) has been full of challenges, but the successful introduction of a new low-GWP blowing agent that will help the ...

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Selection of Insulation Systems for Exterior Masonry (Mass) Walls

By Xuaco Pascal MASS WALLS IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Wall designs using continuous insulation on the exterior have also been described as the “perfect wall.”2 This is becausethese wall systems are very efficient and can be used confidently in any climate zone. Not only does moving insulation to the exterior improve efficiency, it also facilitates flexibility in design, addresses thermal bridges ...

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