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Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

2017's storm season was marked by several devastating hurricanes

By Mason Knowles Harvey, Irma, Maria—2017 brought large and dangerous hurricanes that wreaked havoc on places from Barbuda, to Port Aransas,Texas with Florida and Puerto Rico thrown in for good measure. It brought to mind that SPF has been underutilized as a valuable tool to minimize damage that can be caused by strong winds. Hurricane field research investigations coupled with ...

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Ask the Expert: Soffits


How do I spray foam soffits in an unvented attic configuration By Mason Knowles  Soffits can be tricky to insulate and air seal properly. But if you apply a few basic building science principles, you can be confident the soffits are done correctly. First, consider that the role of the building envelope is to separate the inside environment from the ...

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Ask The Expert: Flushing Equipment

flushing foam from equipment will save your job

By Mason Knowles Question: Should I flush my equipment when switching from open- to closed-cell? How about when switching from one brand of foam to another of the same generic type? Answer: Foam equipment typically requires flushing when switching from open- to closed-cell foam and vice versa. There are vast differences in formulations of open- and closed-cell foam and mixing ...

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