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The Proper Care and Cleaning of Equipment

keeping equipment clean is important to job success

By Murphy Mahaffey, Director of International Sales, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation with contributions by Tom Rivera,  Director of Technical Services; Mike Burke,  Senior Technician Every profession has its associated tools – the carpenters have their saws, planes, and hammers; the spray foam applicators have their spray system – pumps, hoses, and guns. While the tools are different, the tasks cannot be completed ...

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Ask The Expert: Flushing Equipment

flushing foam from equipment will save your job

By Mason Knowles Question: Should I flush my equipment when switching from open- to closed-cell? How about when switching from one brand of foam to another of the same generic type? Answer: Foam equipment typically requires flushing when switching from open- to closed-cell foam and vice versa. There are vast differences in formulations of open- and closed-cell foam and mixing ...

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Straight Flush: The Low-Down on Heated Hose Maintenance

Heated Hose Maintenance Flushing

The quality of a spray foam application will always be dependent on properly functioning SPF equipment, regardless of how many years experience an applicator might have. And yes, equipment maintenance is as necessary as it is time-consuming. Heated hoses are critical to the consistent flow of material, which translates to a uniform spray and ultimately, better foam. However, the material ...

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