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The proof is in the testing.

A Canadian Milestone

CCMC Confirms IFTI’s DC315 Qualifies as Equivalent to Generic and Prescriptive Barriers Over SPF

By Gary Wolfe

After spending much of 2015 and 2016 developing criteria and testing DC315, a fire-protective intumescent coating, as well as working in tandem with the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and several other well regarded accredited fire engineers in Canada and the U.S., International Fireproof Technology (IFTI) is pleased to announce that its DC315 product has achieved a CCMC Evaluation Report validating DC315 as a safe alternative solution to fire protection of SPF in Canada. This report, 14036-R, clearly states that DC315 surpasses ALL generic barriers listed in The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and provides equivalent protection to ½ inch gypsum board.

IFTI has consistently developed products based on the mission statement that: “The proof is always in the testing”. To that end, DC315 has been tested not only to equivalency to generic barriers, but also to prescriptive gypsum and ULC S124 tested products. Installers, contractors, and building inspectors who are interested in, or require visual proof, are welcome to contact IFTI for more information. No doubt of performance will remain in any professional’s mind, after viewing the video of the corner room test wherein 100KW of fire and heat were applied for 10 minutes, followed by 10 more minutes with 300KW of fire and heat, onto walls and ceilings coated with DC315, and the product passed. As stated: The proof is always in the testing.

A comparison of DC315 and other S124-tested products can be found on IFTI’s website, There you will find a video of DC315 withstanding a concentrated load of 423 lbs. (more than twice the load gypsum can withstand), followed by repeated impacts on the same point from varying heights, peaking at 48 inches. The wall on which DC315 was applied survived with no holes or cracks – far better than the same test on gypsum, which was severely compromised. Viewers of the video are compelled to ask: “Could fibrous or cementitious products withstand this?”

To further assure the integrity of DC315, IFTI then performed a room corner burn test using the walls that had been so severely treated in the above described test, placing the impact points directly in the burner corner. The result? A passed test. DC315 is the first product that has been tested while damaged to prove the long term durable protection it provides. As previously stated: The proof is always in the testing.

The tests applied to DC315, and the level at which the product has performed, have been proven and validated by independent, third-party evaluation services. This is not marketing, or magic, or public relations. This is science.

Within the spray foam insulation and fire protection industries brews a great deal of aggressive competition, which is often expressed through misinformation, mistrust, and libelous statements and fear-mongering.

Any company or organization that chooses to dispute the clear results of 14036-R – the accurate and accredited report issued by CCMC with regards to IFTI’s DC315 product is quite obviously ill-informed, at best; and at worst, choosing to spread misinformation for it’s own purposes and to make up for it’s own lesser products or poor application process. Contractors, applicators and inspectors will be interested to know that in addition to performing above and beyond it’s competition in the market, DC315 also:

  • Costs significantly less than other products on the market for the same application;
  • Uses at least 50 percent less product than it’s competitors for the same application;
  • Can be applied in half the amount of time as competing products;
  • Is a low-VOC, water-based, single-component, non-carcinogenic, and highly effective thermal barrier.
The Proof is in the Testing: IFTI’s DC315 passes the corner roof test wherein 100KW of fire and heat were applied for 10 minutes (left), followed by 10 more minutes with 300KW of fire and heat (right).

The Proof is in the Testing: IFTI’s DC315 passes the corner roof test wherein 100KW of fire and heat were applied for 10 minutes (left), followed by 10 more minutes with 300KW of fire and heat (right).

The proof was, and is, in the testing. And it is for this reason that DC315 is the top-rated product used over SPF for fire protection in over 38 countries, carrying over 200 full scale tests across the world, from leading, accredited testing facilities, conducted by the top 39 foam manufacturers in the world. These tests have been approved by the CCMC, NRC, the International Building Code (IBC), the International Residential Code (IRC), The International Code Council (ICC), Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) and the Army Corp of Engineers, as well as fire engineers and SPF manufacturers worldwide. In addition to this impressive roster of proponents of DC315 there are also many top named accredited fire engineers in Canada and the U.S., as well as accredited testing facilities such as Intertek and Quality Assurance International (QAI).

As professionals in our important and regulated industry let us remember that a product’s validity, safety, and efficacy is not held up or put down with uneducated individuals making false statements. It is always proven by reputable, stringent testing conducted by certified, non-partisan bodies.

It is not up to our competition to call into question proven results and reports issued by the CCMC. This type of petty behaviour on the part of supposed “professionals” is unconscionable, dangerous, and unworthy of the level of quality, education, and expertise by which the spray foam and fire protection industries are defined.

CCMC Report 14036-R confirms that IFTI’s DC315 qualifies as equivalent to generic and prescriptive barriers over SPF.  •


Direct any questions about DC315 to International Fireproof Technology Inc.:
Phone: 855-335-7675 / 949-975-8588

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