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In an act of kindness, spray foam specialist gives baseball prize to a friend

An Act of Kindness (For the Love of Baseball)

Spray foam specialist bequeaths baseball prize trip to a friend

By Juan Sagarbarria 


Within the world of spray polyurethane foam, we see many ways in which industry members come together to help each other get through different hurdles derived from complicated applications. Whether it’s
a supplier sending out a technician to help their contractor troubleshoot equipment or a spray applicator picking up an extra shift, those who have been in the business long enough certainly know what it’s like to be offered a helping hand and often find it upon themselves to pay it forward. However, generosity and altruism can also be seen outside of the work site. Case in point: When Eric Gladson, owner of Integrity Plus Insulation in Ogema, Wisconsin, heard that he had won a prize stemming from his work in spray foam, he immediately thought of a friend to share it with.

What did the prize consist of? An all-expenses paid trip for two to Miami for the 2017 MLB All-Star game, which was held on July 11 of this year. It was the grand prize  of Honeywell’s “Hit a Foam Run“ promotion that was held from October 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017. By entering a brief description of a project (large or small) which used closed-cell spray foam formulated with Honeywell’s Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent, contractors or builders were eligible to win $500 gift cards (randomly chosen twice a month) and possibly a chance at the grand prize. Eric did use the free flight from the contest to go to Miami and go on a cruise with his family, but gave the tickets to the game to Kassie and Nicholas “Nick” Adams, two huge baseball fans and friends of Eric.

Beyond the love for baseball, Eric especially wanted to provide a joyous experience to Nick, who had suffered
a great ordeal last year when he suddenly got sick from a viral infection and had to be rushed to the hospital due to severe pain that made him unable to walk for several months.

Eric recalls the day he presented the idea to Nick, “One morning in church, a bunch of us were standing around talking, and Nick and Kassie were talking about baseball, which isn’t surprising because they are both in love with the game. They go to as many (Milwaukee) Brewers games as they can and you always see them with Brewers shirts on, and they’re raising their kids to love baseball too. I walked up to Nick and said ‘I have a deal for you. If you and Kassie can get to Miami in July, I have two tickets to the All-Star Game that I will give you.’ They were flabbergasted and almost broke down crying. Going to an All-Star Game was a dream of Nick’s for years. I don’t think there was anybody more deserving of those tickets than them, especially after all that they’ve been through and still going through recently. The biggest blessing you can receive is being a blessing to others.”

Nick and Kassie flew down from Minneapolis to Miami on the same flight as Eric and his wife, Heather. During their time in Miami and at the game, Nick and Kassie partook in all the All-Star festivities, including the All-Star FanFest and the Home Run Derby (also held at Marlins Park). They bought baseball-related gifts, and even received autographs from retired Milwaukee Brewers player Rollie Fingers.

Nicholas and Kassie Adams enjoying themselves at the baseball game courtesy of Eric Gladson and Honeywell

Nicholas and Kassie Adams enjoying themselves at the baseball game courtesy of Eric Gladson and Honeywell

“The experience was something we will never forget. This was something I’d always wished to do because of my love for baseball.”

“The experience was something we will never forget,” describes Adams. “This was something I’d always wished to do because of my love for baseball. Nine days after being home from an eight-month hiatus with a medical issue, I was going down South to live this dream. Sitting so close to the action at the game was unfamiliar territory to us since we usually sit higher due to cost at Brewer games; it was a welcomed surprise. Not to mention, the all star game was on my birthday, so happy birthday to me!”

Laura Reinhard, global business manager for spray foam, Honeywell, says, “We’re very happy that Eric was our grand prize winner and we applaud the generosity that he and Heather demonstrated. We are thrilled that Nick and Kassie had a terrific time at the game.”•

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