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Spray Foam Magazine Has Moved To

JUPITER, FL – March 5, 2018 – Changes are happening at the headquarters of Spray Foam Magazine/! As the leading news source and publication of the spray foam industry, we strive to provide the latest information to our audiences as quickly and easily as possible. For a long time now we have had two websites, that is used ...

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Preventing Fires During Construction

By SES Foam  Fires during construction and remodel are all too common and costly, but the good news is most are preventable. Between 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 485,700 structure fires each year, resulting in estimated annual averages of 2,716 civilian deaths, 14,651 civilian injuries, and $9.7 billion in direct property damage. Of these structure ...

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Tips To Utilizing Social Media To Expand Your Brand And Increase Your Customer Base

Must-Dos For Social Media Marketing Tips to utilizing social media to expand your brand and increase your customer base By: Jourdan Porter In this day and age, most people have social media profiles to stay connected with family and friends. When creating your profile, you carefully pick the information you put on your page in order to create the image you want others to see. ...

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It’s A New Year, Foamers! Tips To Start You And Your Company In The Right Direction And Maintain That Course.

The Spray Foam Advisor’s Keys To Success In The New Year It’s a new year, foamers! Here are a few tips to start you and your company in the right direction and maintain that course. By: Robert Naini Welcome to 2018! How is your year stacking up? What are you going to accomplish? Do you know? Have you planned it? Your ...

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Unicus Spray Systems Develops Rugged Ultra-Quiet, Fuel-Efficient Spray Foam Rigs Without The Use Of A Generator

Generating Profits Without A Generator Unicus Spray Systems develops rugged ultra-quiet, fuel-efficient spray foam rigs without the use of a generator By: Unicus Spray Systems, LLC Spray foam contractors are always looking for new and improved equipment to accomplish their jobs as quickly and easy as possible to satisfy customers’ timely needs. Most spray foam equipment on the market today requires contractors to use shore power or haul ...

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Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

2017's storm season was marked by several devastating hurricanes

By Mason Knowles Harvey, Irma, Maria—2017 brought large and dangerous hurricanes that wreaked havoc on places from Barbuda, to Port Aransas,Texas with Florida and Puerto Rico thrown in for good measure. It brought to mind that SPF has been underutilized as a valuable tool to minimize damage that can be caused by strong winds. Hurricane field research investigations coupled with ...

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What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business

Dream, Struggle, Prize: What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business By: Spray Foam Equipment & Mfg.  Whether you are new to the spray foam industry, have been spraying foam for years, or are a contractor looking to expand, taking the first step can be scary. However, there has never been a more exciting time to get started or grow ...

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In The Heart of Downtown Minneapolis, A New Luxury High Rise Takes Spray Foam To New Heights

Rise Up In the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, a new luxury high rise takes spray foam to new height By: Jourdan Porter In Minneapolis, Minnesota lies the downtown district of the metropolitan area, full of bustling business men and women, construction crews building sky-scrapers that fill the horizon, and historic nightclubs and theaters that entertain the nightlife scene. As the ...

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A Dome Building’s Ceiling Gets SPF Insulation Application in Six Hours

Contractor’s Corner: Foamed Dome A dome building’s ceiling gets SPF insulation application in six hours By Juan Sagarbarria  Ben Monsma of Louisville Spray Foam Insulation (LSFI) went on Facebook hoping to find information pertaining to Lapolla’s FOAM-LOK 2000-4G closed-cell foam, which his team was looking to try out. He posted an open-ended question on Spray Foam World Wide—the Facebook group ...

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Equipment-based Innovations Streamline Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications

Listening to the Contractor Equipment-based innovations streamline spray polyurethane foam applications The spray foam trade is an ever-changing animal, and contractors, both new and seasoned, are keen to adopt and invest in products that produce more streamlined, well-executed applications. By the same token, industry manufacturers strategize products based on their ability to bring about a positive impact to said contractors ...

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