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How Backlinks Foster Better SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the catalyst for driving internet traffic in the digital age. Spray foam contractors and suppliers can certainly stay ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of SEO strategies in order to attract potential customers. These strategies include the use of high-quality backlinks, which are links directed to a website that search engines like Google take into account when establishing rankings for search results. In other words, a backlink can be the deciding factor as to whether a search result chooses to place your company’s website above the rest. The greater the number of sites that link to your company, the higher the number of high-quality backlinks, which beget a higher search ranking. This characteristic is what makes backlinks one of the most important elements of SEO.

Of course, it is important to consider that the quality of a backlink is related to the relevance of the website in which it’s located. As this pertains to SPF contractors, the search engine will give a website a higher ranking if the link is located on a website that contains SPF-related content. For example: a spray foam contractor’s website link would not have as much relevance if it was placed on a friend’s blog as opposed to an SPF supplier’s domain.

Since the purpose of numerous high-quality backlinks is for potential customers to find you within the first few listings of a Google search via specific keywords, it is important to give other companies a legitimate reason to provide a link to your website on their page.


One way to maximize the chances of your website link winding up on a relevant site is to set up a continuous link-for-link campaign, which constitutes a link exchange in which company A and company B place each others’ website links on their respective sites in a reciprocal effort to improve their respective search rankings in Google or Yahoo, and to propagate further exposure of the services rendered by both companies. For established partnerships, a simple agreement between website operators can also result in an additional backlink, so why not take the time to ask?


Perhaps the most effective way to achieve a high-quality backlink is the old-fashioned way: for company B to find company A’s site so engaging that its operators will find that their visitors can benefit from paying a visit to it. In order to do this, the content of website A needs to be an outstanding source for others within the same industry. Additionally, the source site needs to have powerful methods of promotion such as email blasts, social media, forums, or blogs. In the spray foam business, for example, provides the latest news and trends happening in the industry, as well as where to find SPF job leads or SPF contractors nearby, amongst other things.


Another way to build backlinks is by having industry-related companies publish your content on their site, provided they give you credit via a link to the source. This content should be focused on subject matter that relates to keywords customers use when searching for certain products or services. Even if they’re not linking to your homepage, they are linking content that is on your website and that’s still an effective backlink. Alternatively, company A can provide company B – ideally not a direct competitor – with exclusive content that is attractive in nature for them. If they post or share said content on their site and links the source material back to company A’s site, a backlink is created. This works wonders for company A because it potentially provides exposure to a new audience, and in the spray foam industry this can lead to generating new leads, new partnerships, and new collaborations that contribute to the overall growth of an SPF company.  •

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