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Accella Polyurethane Systems helps you boos spray foam sales in Canada

Boosting Spray Foam Sales in Canada

Editorial Contributions by Accella Polyurethane Systems

In the Canadian spray foam industry, contractors understand that inherent success in their day-to-day operations can only be achieved with a great support system. Being that regulations are requirements in terms of SPF application can be stricter in the Great White North, it is important to secure the services of the right manufacturer. By partnering with such an entity, the Canadian spray foam contractor is empowered to perform top-of-the-line applications and develop the kind of reputation that derives job leads, and thereby, increase sales and revenue.

But, aside from referrals and basic word of mouth, how exactly can Canadian SPF contracting companies’ operators make absolutely sure they are making the right decision when selecting who to team up with? Well, a bit of homework is certainly encouraged, and while immersed in that research, we believe these are four of the most important considerations that contractors should look out for when making that crucial choice.


Although SPF is in extreme high demand in the Canadian residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, there are insulation projects that delineate specifications that might call for more than just SPF; some could entail the application of primers, protective or intumescent coatings, and furthermore, different equipment to install these products.

You see where we are going with this – building owners are more likely to bring in one insulation contractor that can apply all the products listed on the project specifications – be it an insulation or roofing job – rather than hire several contractors to apply each material. Therefore, it is important for contractors to affiliate themselves with a manufacturer that is equipped with the kind of product breadth that can facilitate opportunities to grow sales. Companies like Accella Polyurethane Systems present such offerings. They have a full line of residential, commercial, and industrial spray foam products as well as many coatings, primers, and other specialty products. Accella is also an official distributor of Graco parts and equipment, serving as a one-stop shop for equipment as well as product.

“With more product options, the contractor has greater ability to expand into different areas, and that is a significant advantage considering how competitive the market is,” states Mike Korol, Sales Director and General Manager for Accella’s Canada Division.

Accella Polyurethanes Helps Boost Spray Foam Sales in Canada

Accella sales reps are well-versed in SPF installation with coverage throughout Canada. They provide prompt in-field site support to minimize downtime


You landed the job, now you need to make sure you have the right amount of product in your rig and while on site at all times. Whether the job is in Nova Scotia or British Columbia, product delivery is critical, and any delays or setbacks with product can result in significant downtime and counter productivity. As a contractor, it is important to know that you can get product in a timely manner from a reliable source.

Accella can be that source. They have operated in Canada under legacy companies for over 32 years with reliable service from coast to coast. They are a manufacturer that distributes their products in Canada, operating their own warehouses and strategic distribution points with coverage all throughout Canada to make sure that their contractor base is completing jobs on schedule.

“If the contractor can’t complete a job on time, it could cost them financially and damage their reputation,” says Korol. “We take the proper steps to ensure we are meeting the need of our customers. With distribution centres located across Canada we are able to supply product quickly. ”


The ideal manufacturer sustaining a Canadian spray foam contractor should go above and beyond to supply anything and everything that can result in the sale to an end audience (homeowner, commercial building owner, etc.) Product resources such as technical data sheets, brochures, testing criteria compliance documentation, as well as any other type of documentation that promotes the benefits of spray foam over other insulation types within the given application should be readily available to the contractor.

“As an SPF contractor, it’s important to be able to produce the data that promotes the strengths of spray foam and documentation that shows that it’s being installed correctly to ensure best results to the building owner,” points out Korol.

As an active effort to help their contractors’ sales grow, Accella has numerous internal resources as well as external sales tools that their team can provide at any point during the job. These resources are directly correlated with the vast experience that Accella has under their belt. In actuality, Accella sales reps have a combined 175 years of installation experience with coverage throughout Canada.  Therefore, the service provided is coming from
a sales rep that has years of hands-on installation experience. They can quickly diagnose installation issues over the phone and or provide prompt in-field site support to minimize costly downtime.

“Our experienced sales staff is one of our greatest and most critical assets,” affirms Korol. “All of our reps have been SPF applicators in the past, so that allows for quick resolution for troubleshooting equipment issues in the field over the phone or on site, when applicable.”


Advances in building science continue to push the envelope of the spray foam industry to create more efficient products, and the Canadian market is no exception to the rule. Although it is important to contractors that are developing a reputation to install products that are tried and true, it is also essential for them to be under the wing of a supplier that is focused on product development and innovation. In short, contractors want to know they partnered with the company that’s going to come out with the next best thing, and they can subsequently implement said product into field applications. Those who partner with companies such as Accella are certainly ahead of the curve of innovation, and this can be attributed to Accella’s robust and experienced Research & Development team that is continually focused on product improvement to better the industry.

“Continuing to innovate brings products to the forefront, and the spray foam industry benefits as a whole,” notes Korol. “By assembling a state-of-the-art R & D department with talented individuals that boast years of building science experience, Accella strives to produce cutting-edge technologies.”

Furthermore, Korol concludes that, “By partnering with a manufacturer that excels in all these areas, a contractor will get the support and service levels necessary as a foundation for growth. New product development, product breadth, along with sales tools and value added resources, will prompt sales growth.”

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