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Code Officials: Friend Or Foe?

Explaining codes to code officials

The code official knows code, but does he or she know spray foam? By Tom Decker, President, Chicago Green Insulation, Inc. Energy codes, code interpretation, energy efficiency, comfort, and safety are all responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of a code official — every day. “Code officials play a major role in ensuring that all commercial, residential, public assembly, and ...

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Measuring Thermal Performance

By Robert Naini What do you think of when you hear the words thermal performance? Do you think of insulation, R-Value, energy efficiency? That’s a good start, because it’s all of them; it’s how something performs with respect to temperature. But how do you measure thermal performance? Let’s consider a simple example that many of us are familiar with, a ...

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Spray Foam Insulation Helps Depression-Era Building Go Platinum

Spray polyurethane foam insulation brought a 1930’s building into the 21st century and enabled the redeveloped Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh to educate tomorrow’s leaders in research, technology, and business. By Joe Stockdale, Industry Relations Manager, Commercial Manager, Covestro LLC For more than seven decades, Pittsburgh’s Connelley Trade School trained students in a diverse range of vocational skills needed for building, ...

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8 Things Every Contractor Should Know About Foam Blowing Agents


By Dan Taylor As a spray foam contractor, you are faced with many important decisions each day. For example, you must decide what amount to bid for a project, find ways to reduce your equipment and labor costs, and determine how best to set your business apart from the competition.  Another important consideration is what blowing agent to use in ...

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Selection of Insulation Systems for Exterior Masonry (Mass) Walls

By Xuaco Pascal MASS WALLS IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Wall designs using continuous insulation on the exterior have also been described as the “perfect wall.”2 This is becausethese wall systems are very efficient and can be used confidently in any climate zone. Not only does moving insulation to the exterior improve efficiency, it also facilitates flexibility in design, addresses thermal bridges ...

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The Total Solution

A Case Study on Spray Foam’s Many Uses in Commercial Buildings Provided By Huntsman Exterior Applications When applied to the exterior of commercial buildings, in either new or retrofit situations, SPF can greatly reduce energy use, air infiltration and water intrusion. The two primary areas where SPF is used on the exterior of buildings are walls and roofing applications. SPF ...

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The Value of R-Value: Discussing the Limitations of the Well-Known Insulation Metric

Most know R-value as a simple rating system for building insulation products, but what exactly is an R-Value? (see sidebar) This is a great question, and one that is not asked often enough in today’s environmentally conscious society. However, an even better question is whether R-value is still a valid unit of measurement for the performance of insulation products. If ...

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Closing In On Sustainability: Environmental Benefits of Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam: A Preferred Insulation for High-Performance and Green Building Design

Key attributes associated with high-performance and green building designs include energy efficiency, occupant comfort and material durability. A focus on green building standards and more stringent code requirements have led to adoption of best practices in construction materials and methods. Among those is the use of more efficient insulation systems, air barriers and seamless monolithic roofing systems. Use of closed-cell ...

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American Beauty: The 2014 New American Home Stakes Its Claim As The Greenest Yet

The concept of the American Home and homeownership is ingrained in American culture perhaps more than any other. But if you tried to describe the quintessential American Home, you might have some difficulties. Not only are American residences as varied as the geography of the country itself, but they can be as distinct from one another as one generation is ...

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The Right Stuff: NASA Spin-off Company Pursues a Distinctly Efficient Approach to the Design of Mechanical Systems

While building science is a concentration typically relegated to the Earth’s surface, for obvious reasons, a mechanical engineering company located near Dallas, Texas channels its history in space exploration to more efficiently design mechanical systems. “It’s not exactly rocket science that we do,” said Richard Rue, CEO of EnergyWise Structures.” But we do have a rocket scientist designing our systems.” ...

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