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Sections Of Notre Dame Football Stadium Get Insulated With Spray Polyurethane Foam By Juan Sagarbarria Notre Dame Stadium: Home of the “Fighting Irish,” the 87-year-old football stadium that came to be with heavy influence from Coach Knute Rockne in the late 1920s, and in popular culture, it is the principal setting for climactic scenes in the movie Rudy. It is ...

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Restoring Bat Bridge

Spray foam insulation offsets danger to a protected bat species. By Juan Sagarbarria Bats – the blind, nocturnal majestic mammals that are loved by some and disdained by others, are actually vital components of ecosystems throughout the eastern United States and the survival and conservation of several of their species is deemed extremely important by many wildlife protection agencies. Because ...

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Harvesting SPF Success

Spray Foam Provides Energy Efficiency to Modern-Day Urban Farm Why is the concept of urban farming so rewarding and lucrative? Easy – there’s a high demand for fresh, natural products that complement the healthy lifestyle of everyday folks. A close proximity to towns, villages, or cities brings significant traffic to these farmer’s markets that is not seen in typical farms ...

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The Topping on a Historic Candy Factory

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Green Value

The Merger of Two Iowa-based Companies Results in the Launch of a Fully Sustainable Home Center

The Merger of Two Iowa-based Companies Results in the Launch of a Fully Sustainable Home Center BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA When he is not coaching high school football, Steve Gilbert focuses his energy on saving energy. His company, Gilbert Home Comfort & Energy Solutions (GHC), specializes in finding optimal energy-efficient solutions for homes and businesses in the Iowa and Missouri regions ...

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Aging Comfortably

Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage Opts for a Spray Foam Solution By Alan Annis Upscale senior living at its finest; that’s Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage. Spacious balconies, expansive windows, and social amenities like a theatre room, dining room, and coffee shop make Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage a virtual paradise for its residents. This 15-story, 59,900-square-foot facility located in Edmonton, Alberta is conveniently located near ...

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Waterfront Workplace

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices

Spray Foam Insulation Staves Off Moisture for Waterfront Offices By Juan Sagarbarria Builders and architects go through rigorous lengths to equip structures with robust barriers to prevent moisture infiltration, particularly for buildings that are within proximity of the water. This thought pattern solidifies the notion that if the structure is actually situated on the water, builders would have to approach ...

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Multitalented: Commercial Building Types That Benefit From SPF

With nearly 5 million commercial buildings and 115 million residential households in the United States, buildings account for almost 40 percent of the nation’s total primary energy use and 70 percent of the electricity used annually. Much of the energy wasted in commercial and residential buildings is a result of poor air sealing and insufficient thermal insulation. Air sealing is ...

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Locked In: Newly Constructed Self-Storage Facility Gets Insulated With Spray Polyurethane Foam

Self-storage units play a critical role in facilitating the process of housing people’s belongings when they can’t find a place to put them. They provide security and peace of mind for the renter, who can count on retrieving their items in the exact condition as when they were stored. The question is, how can they be sure of that? The ...

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Healthy Building, Healthy Hearts: Detroit Medical Center’s New Heart Hospital Gets Insulated with NCFI Products

Michigan’s first and only heart hospital is currently in the final stages of completion. The 96,000 sq. ft. Heart Hospital is a $78 million expansion of Detroit Medical Center that will house both the DMC Cardiovascular Institute and Cardio Team One. With a linear layout and a top-of-the line staff ranging from physicians to nurses working together in different cardiovascular ...

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