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Executive Outlook

A Conversation With Joyce Wallace, Marketing Manager, Chemours

A Conversation With Joyce Wallace Marketing Manager, Chemours By: Juan Sagarbarria  Integrity, leadership, building relationships, and producing results are the four components that define Joyce Wallace, North American marketing manager for Chemours, as a professional. Her career with Chemours (formerly DuPont) has been full of challenges, but the successful introduction of a new low-GWP blowing agent that will help the ...

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A Conversation with Pat McHale of Graco

Graco President and CEO Pat McHale

President and CEO of Graco, Inc. By Jourdan Porter We spoke to Pat McHale, president and CEO of Graco Inc., about the innovations and benefits of their products and how they have impacted the spray foam market. Dedicated to his customers, McHale invites us to learn about the inner workings, ethics, and future of the company. » Spray Foam Magazine: ...

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Executive Outlook: Preferred Solutions Inc.

A Conversation with the John and Jack Stahl, owners of Preferred Solutions Inc. By Juan Sagarbarria  Spray Foam Magazine: After over three decades in business, Preferred Solutions Inc (PSI) is an absolute reference in the spray foam industry. Why would you say so many choose to attach themselves to the PSI brand? John: I believe our products and services provide ...

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A Conversation with Chris Novogratz, Vice President, IDI Distributors

IDI Distributors have made a name for themselves by providing diverse insulation solutions to contractors across the country. Spray Foam Magazine talked with Chris Novogratz, Vice President of IDI Distributors, about IDI’s beginnings, present endeavors, and future outlook. Spray Foam Magazine: Tell me about IDI Distributors. How have you become one of the biggest names in distribution in the spray ...

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Executive Outlook: Eric Bentson

A Conversation with Eric Bentson, Founder and Owner of Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing By Juan Sagarbarría A few decades back, Eric Bentson found himself on the back end of a spray gun. He knew then the costly frustration of undependable spray foam equipment and its direct correlation to downtime. So when he founded Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing in ...

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Executive Outlook: Doug Brady

A Conversation With Doug Brady, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Demilec By Jen Kramer With a presence in the United States and Canada, Demilec is one of the oldest spray foam manufacturers in existence. Doug Brady, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, sat down with Spray Foam Magazine to discuss the growth of the industry, both in Canada ...

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Executive Outlook: Peter Davis

Peter Davis - Gaco Western - Spray Foam Magazine Executive Outlook

A Conversation With Peter Davis – Chairman and CEO, Gaco Western By Jen Kramer Always mindful of his family’s legacy, Gaco Western’s Peter Davis relentlessly pursues innovation. He shares his enthusiasm about shaping business, the industry, and technology with Spray Foam Magazine. Spray Foam Magazine: Yours is a true family-built company. How did your family come to be involved in ...

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Executive Outlook: Patrick M. Gililland

A Conversation With Patrick M. Gililland – President & Owner, SPF Depot Inc. By Juan Sagarbarria A local distributor that became an international presence in the spray foam market, SPF Depot’s Patrick (Pat) M. Gililland speaks to Spray Foam Magazine about the shape of the market and how perseverance has resulted in his growing empire. Spray Foam Magazine: You’ve come a ...

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Executive Outlook: Andy Harris

A Conversation With Andy Harris – President and CEO, Accella Performance Materials By Jen Kramer A focus on the customer and ”Centers of Excellence” have pushed Accella Performance Materials to the top of the polyurethane industry. Spray Foam Magazine sat down with Andy Harris, Accella’s President and CEO, in an exclusive interview to discuss the company that is playing such ...

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A Conversation with Robert Jamieson, President, Quadrant Chemical Corporation

A Conversation with Robert Jamieson from Quadrant Urethane Technologies and Spray Foam Magazine

Quadrant Urethane Technologies, a division of Quadrant Chemical Corporation, entered the spray foam market roughly five years ago. Today, the company is one of the most recognized names in the industry. Spray Foam Magazine touched based with Robert Jamieson, Quadrant’s President, about how the company has grown and where the industry is headed. Growing the Company SFM: Tell me about ...

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