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Industrial Spray Foam

In The Heart of Downtown Minneapolis, A New Luxury High Rise Takes Spray Foam To New Heights

Rise Up In the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, a new luxury high rise takes spray foam to new height By: Jourdan Porter In Minneapolis, Minnesota lies the downtown district of the metropolitan area, full of bustling business men and women, construction crews building sky-scrapers that fill the horizon, and historic nightclubs and theaters that entertain the nightlife scene. As the ...

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Keeping the Rain Out of the Jain Temple

Spray foam help protect priceless religious artifacts The Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) was established on September 15, 1979, in Buena Park, California, by a group of Jain families living in and around the Los Angeles area. JCSC has one important mandate — to practice, promote, and teach Jainism. Jainism is an ancient religion originating in India, and it ...

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Feeding The Need: Spray Foam Solves Condensation Issues Inside Feed Mill Warehouse

Before it is transported and shipped to farmers all across America, chicken feed is created at warehouses known as feed mills in a pelletizing procedure, in which soybean and corn powder are mixed to create feed pellets during a heated process. If this process is uninterrupted, farmers can get their feed pellets on time, so they can grow their chickens. ...

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Breaking Good: SPF Trench Breakers Keep Erosion At Bay Along An 800-mile Natural Gas Pipeline

DCP Midstream, the largest natural gas liquids producer in the United States, recently acquired rights to the Southern Hills Pipeline. The pipeline’s function will be to transport approximately 175,000 barrels of natural gas liquid (NGL) per day from Kansas to growing Gulf Coast markets, spanning approximately 800 miles. Due to a region of rocky and steep terrain that part of ...

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There Will Be Foam: Closed-Cell SPF Improves the Efficiency of Treater Tanks at a North Dakota Oil Field

Temperature consistency and energy consumption reduction is key in certain parts of oil processing. Prior to going into a storage tank, oil has to pass through a heat treatment process, which is facilitated by oil treaters. After the oil has been treated, it passes through valves and into storage tanks before it can be transported through a pipeline. This process ...

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Treating Them Right: Closed-Cell SPF and Polyurea are Applied to 30 Digester Tanks at a Mexican Water Treatment Plant

The Atotonilco Plant for Treatment of Residual Waters is an industrial facility currently being constructed to improve the water quality for irrigation primarily in the Valley of Mexico. Located in Atotonilco de Tula, in the State of Hidalgo, the Atotonilco Plant will become the largest hydro complex in Latin America, and one of the largest worldwide upon completion. There are ...

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Getting Tanked: A West Coast Winery Relies on Spray Foam and Polyurea for Long-Lasting Infrastructure

At first glance, the numbers were hard to digest: 800 sets of foam applied to over 100 tanks at multiple job sites. The figures even surprised the man who led the project. “When I was looking at the square footage on that project, and the amount of material, it was very insane, let’s put it that way,” said Roberto Hulsey, ...

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Tanked: A Massive Liquid Fertilizer Tank is Insulated With Spray Foam

The Corn Belt has consistently been one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, due in part to the efficient transportation of not only the harvested crops, but their precursor: fertilizer. Scattered about this Midwest region are fertilizer production and distribution centers that feed the plants that in turn feed the United States. One such facility, which supplies ...

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