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Specialty SPF Applications

A Dome Building’s Ceiling Gets SPF Insulation Application in Six Hours

Contractor’s Corner: Foamed Dome A dome building’s ceiling gets SPF insulation application in six hours By Juan Sagarbarria  Ben Monsma of Louisville Spray Foam Insulation (LSFI) went on Facebook hoping to find information pertaining to Lapolla’s FOAM-LOK 2000-4G closed-cell foam, which his team was looking to try out. He posted an open-ended question on Spray Foam World Wide—the Facebook group ...

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A Watertight, Fighting Lady

USS Yorktown spray polyurethane foam insulation

The USS Yorktown’s (The Fighting Lady) engine room receives a facelift with the help of spray foam providing optimal insulation and water barriers By Jourdan Porter  Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is widely recognized as an insulating material that keeps water out of any building structure to which it is installed. But what if the structure itself is on the water? ...

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Thinking Outside The Tank

Constant wind, tiny isopods, a busy site, and a compressed deadline – this tank project presented multiple challenges for the unfazed foam crew. By Jen Kramer The power company knew that their 12,600-square-foot, 40-foot-tall, 70-foot-diameter, 1,000,000-gallon, service water tank was in need of exterior insulation. Although it was not yet corroded, given the elements and the location, it was just ...

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World’s Largest Spray Foam Hot Dog

A Michigan hot dog sculpture is one of world’s largest, thanks to the vision of a talented artist, the skills of a spray polyurethane foam insulation crew, and NCFI’s spray foam. By Jen Kramer Northern Michigan is famous for breathtaking scenery – sport fishing on Lake Huron, kayaking down rivers, hiking on nature trials, stepping back in time on Mackinac ...

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Sturdy Panels

Spray Foam Helps Bolster Wall, Window, and Door Panels that are Later Assembled into High-end Modern Panelized Modular Spaces

Spray Foam Helps Bolster Wall, Window, and Door Panels that are Later Assembled into High-end Modern Panelized Modular Spaces BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA Due to their undefined and occasional remote locations, construction sites often lack an on-site office, which would otherwise provide a workspace for those in administrative positions and help achieve proper validation of the designated space and its particular ...

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If You Build it, They Will Come

The Full-Scale Ark Encounter Benefits from Spray Foam Insulation By Ryan Spencer While most spray foam contractors spend their days installing SPF on rooftops or between studs, it’s not uncommon to land a unique project every now and then–something that’s a bit of a curveball. In fact, numerous contractors focus on specialty applications, like monolithic domes. However, it’s not very ...

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Dome Sweet Dome

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Provides Structural Integrity and Optimal Insulation for a Monolithic Dome Home By Juan Sagarbarria Every year, an estimated 337,000 people take the proverbial road that leads west to California, where magnificent sceneries combine with its signature Pacific climate to reel in many an out-of-towner. For these transplants, the region’s alluring characteristics seem to generally outweigh the potential ...

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The Top 5 Applications for Low-Pressure Foam

  One. Wall Cavities While spray foam insulation is an exceptional option for insulating the walls of a home, high-pressure SPF is not cost effective for just insulating a basement or a room addition. However, that doesn’t mean these areas are relegated to porous fiberglass batt or blown cellulose insulation. On the contrary, homeowners can get the best of both ...

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Breaking Good: SPF Trench Breakers Keep Erosion At Bay Along An 800-mile Natural Gas Pipeline

DCP Midstream, the largest natural gas liquids producer in the United States, recently acquired rights to the Southern Hills Pipeline. The pipeline’s function will be to transport approximately 175,000 barrels of natural gas liquid (NGL) per day from Kansas to growing Gulf Coast markets, spanning approximately 800 miles. Due to a region of rocky and steep terrain that part of ...

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Mobile Foam: Ready-built Homes Benefit From SPF in Multiple Ways

New home construction is evolving in the open areas of North America. Why have construction crews come to your lot to build your home when you can have the home built off-site and delivered to you, ready to occupy? With vast lands and accessible highways, many homeowners in the Great Plains are opting for off-site builds and having their homes ...

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