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Editorial Spotlight

Selling Effectively: The Secrets of a Successful Sale of a Spray Foam Contracting Business

SES Foam discloses how to sell a spray foam business effectively.

  Did you ever wonder why one owner seemingly has buyers strongly interested in their spray foam contracting business while another owner’s business seems to languish on the market with very little interest? It starts with understanding what the drivers are that create business value, how value is determined, and then what steps are necessary to prepare your spray foam ...

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Open-Cell Game Changer: A New Innovative Ultra-Low Density Open-Cell Spray Foam Technology Provides Increased Productivity at a Lower Cost

SWD Urethane launches Quik-Shiled 108 open-cell spray polyurethane foam

  LOW VS. ULTRA-LOW DENSITY Open-cell spray polyurethane foam is known for being a half-pound density insulating material that can provide optimal, seamless insulation and reduce air infiltration through a building envelope. Because of its low density and large cell structure, open-cell SPF imparts many advantages, including providing an air barrier, good R-value, but most importantly, high product yield. Lower ...

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Spray Foam Simplified

How the proper spray foam equipment can facilitate success for entry-level contractors, traditional spray foam contractors, and seasoned SPF contractors

How the proper spray foam equipment can facilitate success for entry-level contractors, traditional spray foam contractors, and seasoned SPF contractors. BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Fright Factor Getting into the spray foam industry has proven to be a major stepping stone onto the path of success for many an insulation contractor, whether they are just getting into the insulation game or ...

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The Metrics of Your Insulation Business

The Measure of Success

BY CHARLES VALENTINE It is often said, “What you do not measure, you do not control.”  As entrepreneurs we have the freedom to set our own targets and metrics.  Unfortunately, that same freedom can often cause us to neglect to review our own performance.  Since we are by definition, in control, our excuses for missing targets is acceptable. We may ...

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Firestop Systems: How They Can Compliment Spray Foam Businesses

By Juan Sagarbarria In recent years, there has been an increased growth for firestop systems in the construction sector due mainly to increases in fire inspections. If installed properly, these materials can effectively obstruct the passage of fire, smoke, or toxic gasses from one-side of a fire-rated assembly to another by shoring up gaps created by penetrations. That is why ...

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Who’s In Your Corner?

Who's In Your Corner? SES Foam

By Reid McCall & Charles Valentine It’s rarely a good idea to go it alone, and success is seldom achieved solely through individual efforts. Spray foam contractors know this all too well, as success in this industry is influenced by factors before and after the job, as much as during. Make no mistake, SPF applications are battles: against time, against ...

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Improving Foam Yield in Low-Pressure Applications

A New Low-Pressure Foam System Reduces Waste and Increases Yield

A New Low-Pressure Foam System Reduces Waste and Increases Yield By Ryan Spencer LOW-PRESSURE FOAM: PROS AND CONS Low-pressure foam systems offer major benefits over high-pressure foam in certain circumstances, notably cost-effectiveness for smaller applications. However, one major drawback is the tedious calibration process, which not only negatively impacts time and labor, but also increases material waste. In short, the calibration ...

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4th Generation Foam: The Key to Global Energy Reduction

The Key to Global Energy Reduction

By Ryan Spencer Innovation has been an inherent attribute of the spray foam industry from the beginning, providing the global insulation market with cutting-edge, high-performance products that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of end users. Recently, those needs have focused on one major issue facing end users all over the globe: climate change. Of course, spray foam insulation ...

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Designing High-Performance Proportioners

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Reveals the Process of High-Performance Proportioner Design

Spray Foam Equipment & MFG’s custom spray rigs are built with the same attention to detail as their proportioners By Ryan Spencer Tradeoffs are a fundamental part of design, and we see these options all around us: fast versus luxurious; lightweight versus rugged; disposable versus sustainable. With plural-component proportioners, tradeoffs can be found as well: inexpensive versus long-lasting; spraying foam ...

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Starting Fresh in the Spray Foam Industry

Starting Fresh in the Spray Foam Industry

A discussion on building a business with Ted Medford, President of Profoam Corporation, which was re-launched in January 2015 By Ryan Spencer Spray Foam Magazine: Can you give a little background on how you re-launched Profoam? Ted Medford: Profoam today stems from a long evolution process of two different companies: Medford Insulation in Rutledge, Georgia, which was owned by myself ...

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