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Spray Foam Insulation

Uncondensed Jerkey: Spray Foam Staves Off Smokehouse’s Condensation Issues

Spray Foam Staves Off Smokehouse's Condensation Issues

In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies must make wise investments that improve production and subsequently increase revenues. Bridgford Food Corp., one of the biggest beef jerky producers in the world, embodies this concept by seeking to reduce the time that it takes to smoke a batch of beef jerky from 12 hours to 1-2 hours. To accomplish ...

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At Ease: Spray Foam Insulation Modernizes Scott Barracks Inside West Point Military Academy

New York’s West Point Military Academy has earned a prestigious rank in the hearts and hearths of Army affiliates. Hailed as perhaps the most decorated coeducational federal service academy in the world, West Point earned its reputation by nurturing entry-level cadets and turning them into well-rounded Army officers via challenging training and high academic standards implemented in their four-year program. ...

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Off the Wall: An Indoor Family Fun Center Benefits from a Twofold SPF Application

BACKGROUND McCune Construction Services Group of Fort Worth, Texas, was constructing a 26,000 square foot KidMania facility in Plano, Texas. The company needed good insulation to seal and insulate the cavernous steel-framed structure with high ceilings. It also needed the insulation to be installed quickly and efficiently in order to keep the entire project on schedule. APPLICATION McCune contacted Five ...

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Rising Tide: Spray Foam Rescues 135-year Old Vessel From Deterioration

Marine vessels, like all things in life, have an expiration date. As years go by, ships are subjected to damage derived from corrosion, rusting, leaking hulls, forceful ocean breezes, and relentless tides. These floating structures transition from needing minor repairs to requiring constant, significant maintenance, to the point where said vessel is subject to steady deterioration. In the long run, ...

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A Lasting Union: Historic Baltimore Building is Insulated with SPF

The 280-unit Union Wharf apartment development overlooks the Inner Harbor of the Patapsco River in the trendy and historic area of Fell’s Point in Baltimore. The $72 million project by The Bozzuto Group incorporates a range of green and modern features including a 150-foot infinity edge pool, a fitness and yoga center, and a cyber cafe. Completed in 2013, Union ...

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In Session: SPF Provides Lasting Air Barriers For Viriginia School District

Construction in the public sector has led the charge for “going green” in recent years, with legislation at state, federal, and local levels dictating more efficient designs for government buildings. The utilization of building components like recycled materials and energy-efficient appliances get most of the attention, but systems that control airflow into and out of a structure are often overlooked, ...

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Juiced Up: A Small Juice Stand Becomes a Symbol of The Jersey Shore’s Restoration

“Everybody has been taking their pictures next to it,” said Chris Wojcik. “It has already turned into a local icon.” It’s not often that the term ‘icon’ is thrown around when referring to a spray foam project, and it’s even less often when that icon is shaped like a pineapple. But for one beach community situated along the still-recovering New ...

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Barn Raising, Spray-Foam Style: SPF Insulation Turns a New Residential Construction Into a “Party Barn”

The state of Iowa is a land of rich greenery and wide-open spaces with miles of cornfields that stretch throughout the state. A barn, to the perception of most, is the centerpiece of a farm, frequently used to house animals, feed, and tools. However, common barn utilizations shouldn’t limit an owner’s creativity in using the space. An Iowa resident opted ...

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Blending Inn: An SPF Application at a Rustic Bed & Breakfast Blurs the Line Between Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…well, you’ve heard the phrase before. But what exactly do you have when a spray foam project looks like a roofing application, but will end up functioning as attic insulation? Can a project be categorized by the way it’s installed, or by how it’s intended to function? Or can a ...

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From the Ground Up: Closed-cell Spray Foam Plays a Role in Restoring the New Jersey Coast

We’ve been well versed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but more importantly, we’ve also been made aware of the recovery efforts as those affected work to rebuild. Much like any disaster of Sandy’s magnitude, rebuilding isn’t something accomplished individually, but rather as a concerted effort between those affected, charitable organizations, cleanup crews, remediation specialists, restoration contractors, and so on. ...

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