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Tips To Utilizing Social Media To Expand Your Brand And Increase Your Customer Base

Must-Dos For Social Media Marketing Tips to utilizing social media to expand your brand and increase your customer base By: Jourdan Porter In this day and age, most people have social media profiles to stay connected with family and friends. When creating your profile, you carefully pick the information you put on your page in order to create the image you want others to see. ...

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The More You Know, The More You Grow

grow your business with reviews and ratings

Reviews are a valuable factor to grow and shape the outlook of a business. Here are tips to stay on top of your game. It is no secret that reviews are important for your business. When looking into a new product, contractor, restaurant, or movie, I am sure you first looked at the reviews to determine if it would be ...

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Residential Energy Savings

spf helps homeowners cut energy bills

Explaining SPF for fun and profit By Robert Naini In the United States, almost 25 percent of the energy consumed can be attributed to residential consumption. Single-family residences use most of that energy, around 80 percent, and multi-family residences and mobile homes use the remaining 20 percent. This means that single-family residences consume 20 percent of all the energy consumed ...

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Spray Foam Magazine Wins Charlie Awards

Spray Foam Magazine wins two charlie awards

The Publication is Recognized for Digital Reach. On Friday, September 23, and Spray Foam Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jen Kramer, and Creative Director, Heather Westrol joined the Florida Magazine Association (FMA) at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Orlando for the 2016 Charlie Conference and Awards. The Conference culminated with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Charlie Awards ...

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Co-Opting Spray Foam Suppliers and Contractors

How SPF suppliers can grow their brand through a strategic co-op promotional program. By Juan Sagarbarria So, you’re a high-ranked, national brand spray polyurethane foam supplier with an impressive track record and an even more impressive national/regional contractor base. You want to not only maintain your position in the industry; you want to keep promoting your brand. While there are ...

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How Backlinks Foster Better SEO

Got Your Back Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the catalyst for driving internet traffic in the digital age. Spray foam contractors and suppliers can certainly stay ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of SEO strategies in order to attract potential customers. These strategies include the use of high-quality backlinks, which are links directed to a website that ...

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Promote Yourself, Promote Success

How promotional offers can bring you the business you’ve been missing out on. By Juan Sagarbarria As a spray foam supplier, a little extra business is always welcomed. That is why suppliers often visualize themselves in the shoes of potential customers and try to think like a customer thinks. Within this line, it’s not hard to deduce that the customer ...

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Smart Snaps

Tips for Getting High Quality Project Photos Using Your Smartphone

Tips for Getting High Quality Project Photos Using Your Smartphone BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA It’s that old saying that’s never been inaccurate, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” SPF contractors can talk to their heart’s content about their prowess, and about the range of projects they’ve taken on, but without images to represent those projects, how can the quality of ...

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The Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2016

Spray Foam Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing is a perpetually evolving practice, and it has to be, given similarly ever-changing technology and market behavior. Digital marketing in particular has seen a great deal of disruption, despite being an emerging field. Many of these changes are due to advances in software that can give marketers a more intimate portrait of the markets in which they’re engaged. That ...

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First Authority: Break Through the Competition by Being the Authority in your Market

With the undeniable growth of the spray foam industry, and with new players continually entering the market, it’s important for established companies to leverage their experience as much as possible. Sure, informing customers of about decades of experience with spray foam might tell them you have expertise, but does it convince them? In other words, are you truly an authority ...

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