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Spray Foam Marketing

Size Matters: Mobile Browsing, Responsive Design, And Your Future Website

Mobile Browsing, Responsive Design, and Your Future Website

Your company’s website serves an increasingly important role in being a resource for customers to find out about its products, services, portfolio, history, and contact information. Website design has long focused on facilitating users who click about from their desktops, but the internet’s landscape has changed in recent years; users have simply gone mobile. There is a wealth of statistics ...

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Point & Shoot: Tips for Taking the Perfect Project Photos with Your Smartphone

Tips for Taking the Perfect Project Photos with Your Smartphone

  So you just wrapped up an SPF insulation or roofing project and it looks remarkable. It’s the kind of job that would stand out in a project portfolio, so you want to take some photos in order to convey the quality of your work to future customers. The costs and scheduling associated with a professional photographer can be prohibitive ...

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Stripped Down or Maxed Out?: Different Perspectives on How Design Can Improve Your Site’s Traffic

So you’ve got a website, or a blog, or both. Traffic has been good, but you’d still like to see some improvement (honestly, who wouldn’t?). Unique visitors, page views, average viewing time per page – they all need to be on the up-and-up. Integral to improvement is change, and when considering the numerous means by which to alter your site, ...

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Converge: Media Convergence Drives the Digital Marketing Trends of 2013

Whether it’s 10, 50, or 100, “top” lists dominate headlines with the coming of every new year. Some review the year gone by, while others forecast the year ahead. The digital marketing space is no different. FromForbes to, digital market blogs have been vocal and varied about what to expect in 2013. In response, we’ll highlight the trend of media convergence, ...

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: The FTC Revises Green Guides to Better Help Consumers

Among the most significant advantages, not to mention selling points, of spray foam is its ability to significantly cut down on a building’s energy requirements. Additionally, the foam itself can be made with renewable content. Both of those environmentally conscious aspects of the material are highly touted throughout the SPF industry to prospective homeowners and business owners. While it’s important ...

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Global Glance: A Worldwide Look at SPF Market Trends

In 2011, the global production of SPF was estimated at 460,250 tons, with the largest producers being the U.S., China, Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg), Canada, and Japan. These five markets account for more than 77% of the total demand, and that demand may be rising. With a forecasted annual growth rate of 6.1%, the demand could reach as high as 617,800 tons ...

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