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Co-Opting Spray Foam Suppliers and Contractors


How SPF suppliers can grow their brand through a strategic co-op promotional program.

By Juan Sagarbarria

So, you’re a high-ranked, national brand spray polyurethane foam supplier with an impressive track record and an even more impressive national/regional contractor base. You want to not only maintain your position in the industry; you want to keep promoting your brand. While there are a number of ways you can do this, there is now an alternative that presents a reasonable and effective method to set building blocks for exponential growth and brand recognition.

A win-win situation for you, the – the supplier – and your SPF contractor customers,’s new Co-Op Master Affiliate Program provides mass exposure to your affiliated contractors that build up your brand while inviting others to join your customer base.

But how exactly does the program work? Simply put, the Co-Op Program gives the supplier the reins, so to speak, by allowing you to set up an unlimited amount of contractor listings for their individual network of customers. As the industry’s number one resource for all things SPF, reels in numerous daily visitors seeking top-notch contractors to apply SPF to their home or commercial building, and the greater the presence of the supplier and his contractor network is on the site, the greater the job leads and brand awareness can become. Among many things, the greater the number of listings allows for a great deal of search engine optimization (SEO), which in turn brings about project leads for contractors who use the supplier’s brand. Proverbially speaking,’s Co-op Program, if used wisely, transforms the supplier into a baseball player at bat that hits unlimited homeruns. So there’s the win-win. Still not sold? Continue reading on the next page for a breakdown of the benefits.


It’s all about SEO these days. It is arguably the main driver for a successful online link between customer and supplier. If a supplier wants their SPF product, be it insulation, roofing, or equipment, used in more buildings, then they need to ensure that customers sync up with one of their affiliated contractors – the Co-op Program does just that. How it works is: The supplier listing showcases a list of their affiliated contractors with links to their respective contractor listings within This generates backlinks for the supplier’s contractor customers that boost SEO and gives each contractor a higher ranking on a search return from search engines of the likes of Google. These backlinks bring about significant exposure for the contractor customers, so much so, that it provides value for them for doing business with a supplier and it could serve as an important step to maintain/retain their loyalty.

Conversely, suppliers also benefit from these internal backlinks because they link back to the supplier, adding strength and relevance to the supplier’s respective listing, and in turn creating a backlink to the supplier’s website. So, the more directory listings that a supplier gets on, the stronger the value of their website is in Google. In essence, the Co-Op program creates a reciprocal trade of backlinks between supplier and contractor customers that benefits both parties.


Let’s say your product has gained recognition and established itself as a desired product in the market. Safe to say, your contractor network is utilizing it in the field, and there are potential customers out there that have educated themselves about the particulars of this product. By joining’s Co-op Master Affiliate Program, you can take brand awareness to a further degree because folks will be able to determine if a contractor near their area applies or uses your product since your logo and brand will appear in their listing. By that same token, using the Co-op Program, potential customers can do a contractor search within’s “Contractor Finder” tool, wherein that customer can specifically search for contractors that are affiliated with you.


In most cases, valued customers get rewarded.  Whether it is via frequent flyer miles or the reward points, companies usually offer benefits to those who consume the most. Why should the spray foam industry be any different? As a supplier and member of the Co-op Program, the more business listings you purchase, the greater the discounts. Not only does this add value to your membership, it gives you the upper hand when incorporating new contractors to your network, using the listing as an incentive for exposure and numerous job leads. Let’s not forget an absolute truism in the SPF industry: Suppliers constantly compete against each other for the sake of business growth. By using this program as a vehicle for success for current and potential contractors, you will generate substantial business.

Dr. Energy Saver, USI Spray Foam Insulation, and Profoam Corporation are some of the suppliers that are taking advantage of’s Co-op Master Affiliate Program – so what’s stopping you from getting onboard?

For more information about the Co-Op Master Affiliate Program, please visit  •

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