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A Conversation with Robert Jamieson from Quadrant Urethane Technologies and Spray Foam Magazine

A Conversation with Robert Jamieson, President, Quadrant Chemical Corporation

Quadrant Urethane Technologies, a division of Quadrant Chemical Corporation, entered the spray foam market roughly five years ago. Today, the company is one of the most recognized names in the industry. Spray Foam Magazine touched based with Robert Jamieson, Quadrant’s President, about how the company has grown and where the industry is headed.

Growing the Company

SFM: Tell me about Quadrant.

RJ: We’re celebrating our 45th year in business as an epoxy and polyurethane systems house. We first planned on entering the spray foam market back in 2006. We looked at spray foam because we wanted to get more involved with the U.S. residential and commercial construction markets. We launched in 2010 with a fairly solid plan and the support of our major clients, support of our distribution partners, and the general acceptance in the market place.

SFM: Were there any challenges in entering the market?

RJ: Like any new player to a medium to mature market space, just bringing a product and brand identity. We had to explain who we are, what we’re about, and what are products are like, and we’ve overcome that.”

SFM: How did Quadrant overcome that and grow?

RJ: Through our sales force and our distribution network, we get the word out about the sprayability and the user-friendliness of Quadrant materials, and spray foam contractors out there are eager to find something that’s better than what they’re currently doing, and we fill that niche. For the most part, we have a very high changeover rate for capturing market share, because our products spray better than anybody else’s products.

The Products

SFM: What made, and makes, Quadrant’s products stand out from the rest of the market?

RJ: Innovation–always being on the front side of new chemistry and new applications. Going back five years, we recognized that just to come to the market with the same old technology would not be very successful, because how could you convince somebody to try a new product when all you can tell them is it’s the same as the other products out there? So, we had to bring new technology to the table that made all of our products user-friendly so you can spend less time on the job and make more money on every job that you’re spraying.

SFM: Is innovation all it takes to stand out?

RJ: Quality and consistency–Quadrant, I believe, is the only ISO9001 registered company in the industry. And that means everything we do in the business has a standardized way of operating. We bring that quality and consistency to the industry so that every time your pull the trigger on our product, it works the same as the last time.

SFM: What’s Quadrant’s relationship like with consumers?

RJ: We sponsor various events that are consumer-related like home shows, we sponsor individual builds where we’re providing foam and support for homes that are built for veterans or for people who are in need. So we try to get our name out there so people understand what Quadrant’s about, what we support, and what are our values.

Industry Outlook

SFM: What are some challenges the industry is facing?

RJ: One challenge, of course, is the environmental concerns that are being broached by OSHA and the EPA, so we help our contractors to understand what the influences will be in the near future. Also–we’ve seen this around the country–the interpretation of building codes, particularly for ignition barrier and thermal barrier coatings. Quadrant is supporting our clients by providing as much regional as well as national specifics about utilizing coatings. We try to provide as much information to our clients as best we can.

SFM: How is Quadrant addressing those issues?

RJ: Quadrant has supported the SPFA from Day 1 to work together with in improving the health and safety of the spray applications aspects of the spray foam industry. Quadrant also participated as early as possible in the CPI’s Spray Foam Coalition to help standardize the industry’s health and safety requirements, as well as application techniques, to better the whole entire industry. We’ve been with that since as soon as we could join.

SFM: From an industry-wide perspective, what’s looking good?

RJ: I think one of the positive things in the industry is the housing market has made somewhat of a turnaround, which is great for everyone. The general economy has improved, although not as much as people would like, but it does seem to be holding steady. So, in the medium-term, that’s the key for the industry, I believe, and the longer-term basis, the positive aspects going forward are the groups working together–SPFA, Spray Foam Coalition, and others–getting the word out that spray foam is the number one choice for energy efficient home construction, and we have to continue to push that message.

SFM: What does the future hold for Quadrant?

RJ: We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and we see this as a greater opportunity to continue to reinvest in our business and reinvest in the industry, so that we can help the entire spray foam market grow and capture market share against the other competitive insulation systems that are out there.

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