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Duguid encourages contractors think of spare parts as "insurance for their reputations."

Customer Service Is Key

An interview with Blair Duguid from Cortez Industries

By Karen Ross

Spray Foam Magazine sat down with Blair Duguid, owner of Cortez Industries Inc., a spray foam equipment parts manufacturer and distributor located in Mississauga, Ontario. Known for direct response and superlative customer service, Duguid shares his business philosophies.

Spray Foam Magazine: With so many equipment manufacturers around, why should potential customers choose Cortez Industries?

Blair Duguid: Simple… For years I’ve sat back and heard people complain about how expensive parts are, and how certain companies only care about money and not about the end users they are supposed to be helping. That’s where we come in. Our focus is on integrity and the end user. We are here to help provide our customers with what they need, at a price that makes sense.

The parts we manufacture are designed for quality, not for cost. Just because they are lower in price doesn’t mean they are lower in quality.

By keeping our overhead low and utilizing our website, we can pass along the savings to our customers. Our focus is on commonly used parts. We can acquire a wide variety of less commonly used parts, but our main interest is the common parts. We know, that when you need parts, you need them right now, thus we stock all the parts we manufacture. This allows customers to pick up on the same day or for us to ship anywhere in North America during the same day.

SFM: How have you developed this philosophy?

BD: We listen to our customers and see what common wear parts are, such as hose wraps, O-rings, as well as a few other things – these are all items the industry has asked us for. And we are always listening. We are always open to stocking the next item that the industry wants! For example, over the years I always heard people talking about what spray guns are better and what options they like or don’t like. I kept hearing how they love the fact that the CS gun is adjustable, but hate how delicate it is. On the other hand, I always heard about how simple the AP gun is, but that they wish they could control the pattern better. So our technical specialist, Rex Tailor, took the two ideas and merged them together. He figured, why not design an adjustable back for the AP gun? After a little engineering and testing, our patent-pending TAILORMADE™ adjustable backstop was created! And, so far, so good. It took a little while to catch on, but once people get used to it, they seem to love it. One advantage to it I never thought about was that it actually helped people get better yields. I can say that by dialing it in, and reducing your output, it gives you more control in tighter spaces, allowing you to reduce waste material, in turn giving you better yields. I would say it should give you an extra 100 board feet or so per set, if used correctly. This was a direct result of simply listening to what our customers wanted.

SFM: In one of your blogs, you compare having spare parts to an insurance policy. I’ve never heard that comparison before. Everyone hates insurance companies, why would you compare what you do to insurance?

BD: Everyone hates insurance until you need it! Insurance is designed to protect what is important to you. It seems pointless to pay all this money and then be afraid to make a claim, because you fear your rates will go up. It you think of spare parts as insurance for your reputation, it should all make sense. Your reputation is something you always want to protect. Being broken down on-site is an easy way to destroy a good reputation. By having the correct spare parts, you can almost eliminate downtime while on site, cementing your reputation as someone that gets the job done when you say it will be.

SFM: A responsive insurance company for spray foam – that is an interesting way to phrase it. And you are correct; a good reputation is priceless. Responsiveness and support are vital to maintaining that – up and down the chain.

BD: Absolutely. And thanks for this opportunity. To our current customers, thank you for your support! If there is anything you think we can do better to help your companies, just let us know. To anyone that has not tried us yet, what are you waiting for? Let us help you start putting money back in your pocket, as well as help you get set up for success.  •

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