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From The Editor – January/February 2017

Of Growth, Innovation, and Giant Sausages

Happy 2017! As I write this, it is the first week in December and the industry outlook is glowing. In 2017, construction is expected to increase. The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) all predict continued growth for both commercial and residential construction segments. That means more spray foam insulation projects to bid.

And, not surprising, given that spray polyurethane foam is such an innovative product, the SPF industry is beginning another year with cutting-edge technological advancements to meet that projected growth.

These pages highlight some of those groundbreaking products and projects, including a look at the very first large-scale installation of fourth generation closed-cell foam using a new blowing agent technology. To increase that spotlight’s glare, the installation in question happened to be at Ty Pennington’s house. Read the article on page 54 to discover if it turned out to be a success – or an extreme makeover.

We also explore the ways in which Ultra-Low Density spray foam is changing the market. As you will see in the article on page 42, if you are not spraying this foam, chances are you may soon be adding it to your offerings.

Beginning on page 70, we check in with Canada. Codes are changing and we bring you the latest information to help you stay up-to-date. Our featured Canadian projects underscore the importance of being informed on code and of being certified – a fact that is true regardless of country.

On our way to Canada we stop in Mackinaw City, Michigan, home of Wienerlicious and their 63-foot long, 2.4-ton spray foam hot dog (page 64). Situated at the base of the famed Mackinaw Bridge, the enormous frankfurter is currently the largest hot dog sculpture in America, and quite possibly in the world. The “recipe” behind its construction combines engineering, art, a healthy dash of humor, and perhaps most importantly, spray foam. More than a cool roadside attraction, the Wienerlicious hot dog is a “delicious” innovation that highlights an eclectic use of SPF.

So dive in! Whether you are situated in Canada or in the U.S., or some other location altogether, this issue is a wealth of SPF information – new products, new projects, new codes, and even a giant sausage – all designed to inspire you to a more prosperous 2017.

Jen Kramer

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