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From the Editor – November/December 2016

Charlie & Eddie

Charlie and Eddie are two names that have been getting a lot of mention around our offices lately. No, they aren’t new additions to the staff. Well, not strictly speaking. They are publishing awards.

The Florida Magazine Association (FMA) – in recognition of publishing excellence throughout the state – awards ”Charlies” in a variety of categories. We were honored with two awards: Best App and Overall Best Online Presence. A more thorough accounting of the awards and the FMA can be found on page 74.

This affirmation of our online reach is exciting not only as a recognition of hard work and dedication, but also as a validation of the importance of digital and social media. Of course, this information is not new to the more than 21,000 of you who subscribe and interact with us on a daily basis. Or to the 673,000 plus who visit our various social media platforms. But, as we chatted with our publishing peers, we could not help but notice that the innovations that we have planned for the new year are ahead of the curve. That was truly inspiring.

Eddie is new to the conversation. As we go to press we’ve been notified that Spray Foam Magazine is one of five finalists for the Eddie Award for Best Standalone Digital Magazine  – Construction / Manufacturing (B-to-B). Awarded by Folio, this prestigious publishing award celebrates uncompromising editorial achievement.

We are honored by the nomination, by the awards, and most importantly, by your readership. As we close out the year in a spirit of celebration and hopeful expectation, we are also thankful. Thank you for reading, for interacting with us on social media, for helping to make Spray Foam Magazine the industry’s leader. From all of us here at the award-winning Spray Foam Magazine, here’s to a happy, safe, and prosperous 2017!

Jen Kramer

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