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Spray Foam Systems Diverse Spray Rig Applications

Finding A Solution for Diverse Applications


Every business begins with a vision, and in the spray foam industry, that often materializes as a contractor plans to focus on certain types of applications–commercial insulation, for example. Moreover, a focus on one kind of application or another will largely dictate how a contractor’s spray rig is equipped. Sure, a purpose-built unit offers a greater degree of performance, but does it sacrifice a degree of versatility? In other words, do gains in functionality for a specific type of application translate to losses in functionality for others? Or can contractors attain the best of both worlds–performance and flexibility–in one package?

Florida Foam Roofing

On the west coast of Florida, Peter Venhousen first gained experience with spray foam when his company, Superior Roofing, first delved into the spray foam industry with attic insulation applications. In the years since, Superior has transitioned from residential insulation to commercial roofing.

“We’re just getting into the roofing side,” said Venhousen. “We’ve designed a system where we can attach solar panels to tar and gravel with spray foam.”

To make the transition, Superior needed a high-performance spray rig that would have no problem tackling substantial commercial foam roofing projects. What Venhousen opted for, an SFS ProPAK rig, delivered on the functionality he needed.

“In the past we’ve put our own rigs together, but the way it’s set up, it’s so user-friendly that we won’t go any other way in the future,” said Venhousen. “By the time you figure out the cost of buying everything separately and put a value on your time, it doesn’t make sense.”

Most recently, Superior utilized its ProPAK rig to install a 56,000 sq. ft. SPF roof with a 180kW solar array.

So- Cal Waterproofing

Farther west in Southern California, Angelus Waterproofing & Restoration was also in need of a high-performance spray rig, but for primarily installing spray polyurea applications. Angelus CEO Shaun Geiger also turned to SFS, and the answer was the same: ProPAK.

“Making the investment in an expensive piece of equipment is something that requires a lot of research,” Geiger explained. “SFS was by far the most helpful in answering my questions, and figuring out what I needed.”

Angelus has utilized its ProPAK rig on several sizeable polyurea projects, including the Westfield Topanga Shopping Center and a Kaiser Permanente facility, both in Greater Los Angeles.

Carolina Retrofit and Lifting

Back east in South Carolina, William Cantey was facing a slightly different situation than either Geiger or Venhousen when he sought a rig for his company, William Cantey’s Dr. Energy Saver. Cantey wanted a box truck rig, and to further complicate the build, the rig needed to be equally functional at performing both residential retrofit insulation applications and concrete lifting applications.

“We had a great experience, they really went out of their way,” Cantey said about SFS, which once again delivered the do-it-all solution–ProPAK–and for Cantey, the rig has already paid dividends.

“We definitely doubled our market share from where we were before the rig, just in the volume we can do and the price point we can be at,” he said.

A Single Solution

So it’s evident that despite the differences between markets and within markets, one spray rig can address multiple needs while performing equally well in a wide variety of applications. With ProPAK, these contractors have found a comprehensive answer in a single package.

“The package was complete… there wasn’t anything I had to add to it…very turnkey,” Venhousen summarized.

And when that key is turned, so to speak, there’s nothing left for a contractor to do besides rolling up their sleeves, pulling the trigger, and getting the job done.

Direct any questions you have about high-performance versatile spray rig packages to SFS:

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