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From The Editor

Life On Mars

Is there life on Mars? The question has enthralled us since Mars was discovered. From H.G. Wells’ novel, “The War of the Worlds,” to David Bowie’s song, “Life on Mars,” to Ridley Scott’s film starring Matt Damon, “The Martian,” the Red Planet has been celebrated in popular entertainment for generations. NASA has even landed two robotic exploration rovers on its surface, but for humans, Mars has remained a distant thrill… until now.

As you’ll discover in our cover story, NASA is on the verge of sending a manned mission to Mars. Soon we will know for a certainty whether or not the planet is habitable – or already inhabited. Spray polyurethane foam is playing a large role in the journey into deep space. Spray Foam Magazine was invited to visit NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the home of the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Mission to Mars. We were given unprecedented access to the spray foam facility. “SPF and SLS Help NASA Explore Deep Space” on page 40 not only explains the remarkable SLS rocket program, it also provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at NASA’s spray foam operations. If there is life on Mars, spray foam will certainly play a part in the discovery.

Spray foam plays an important role in saving lives right here on earth, as we learn in “Severe Weather Solution: Hurricane-Proof Homes” (page 48). In this issue, Spray Foam Magazine visits the Hurricane House to learn how, when properly applied to the roofs of new or existing houses; SPF can be the difference between minor property damage and complete destruction in the event of a hurricane or tornado.

Of course, spray foam insulation is also vital to keeping our lives comfortable – maintaining even interior temperatures, preventing air and moisture infiltration, and providing energy cost savings. These benefits are explored in the following pages as we look at a variety of case studies, including one of the largest spray foam roofing project completed in the United States in 2015. “SPF Goes to the Dogs: The Petco Roof,” on page 54 describes the project in which almost a quarter of a million pounds of foam was applied over 220,000 square feet.

Whether your life is on earth or eventually on Mars, if it involves spray foam, you are part of an important industry. This issue highlights the dramatic and very real impact of foam. It may be facile to say, but it is amazing to think, that a substance with such an insubstantial-sounding name is literally changing the scope of human evolution. Is there life on Mars? There will be, thanks in part to spray foam.

Jen Kramer


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