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Get Hands-On With Latest Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

Get Hands-On With Latest Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing Magazine is proud to announce a new edition has been published. The July/August 2014 Issue is freely available to readers online and via the publication’s mobile app. The latest edition covers commercial and residential insulation, roofing system performance, polyurea coatings, and more.

“This issue shows the value of taking matters into one’s own hands,” said Ryan Spencer, Editor-in-Chief. “Our cover stories feature different takes on how hands-on experience is beneficial for obtaining knowledge, insight, and evidence.”

Stories showcased in the July/August 2014 Issue include: a unique approach to teaching construction skills, a grassroots equipment campaign from PMC, and a field investigation about roofing system performance during a hurricane.

“Summer is here, and that also means Hurricane Season is here for those of us on the East Coast of the U.S., on the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Caribbean,” said Spencer. “It’s the perfect time to show the roof-strengthening benefits of spray foam with data collected outside the lab.”

Highlights from the July/August 2014 Issue

– Green building provides students with real-world skills
– PMC’s pioneering Demo Rig for spray equipment
– Post-hurricane roofing system performance report
– Polyurea protects World Cup stadium in Rio
– Family fun facility is insulated with spray foam
– Recapped: UTECH North America 2014
– Online video: the digital marketing gold mine

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