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Global Glance: A Worldwide Look at SPF Market Trends

In 2011, the global production of SPF was estimated at 460,250 tons, with the largest producers being the U.S., China, Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg), Canada, and Japan. These five markets account for more than 77% of the total demand, and that demand may be rising. With a forecasted annual growth rate of 6.1%, the demand could reach as high as 617,800 tons by 2016. However, this estimated growth will depend on the lifting of China’s current ban on the use of organic insulation materials in occupied buildings, as well as a recovery in the U.S. and South Europe residential construction industries.

That being said, it is necessary to understand the ways in which the global SPF market is growing and changing. Historically, SPF systems have always been offered in regions where it was used. But now, thanks to globalization, companies are exporting material and services all over the world.

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