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Go Above and Beyond With the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

Go Above and Beyond With the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

The latest issue of Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine has just been published and is now available to worldwide. Readers can catch up with the September/October 2014 Issue online or on Spray Foam Magazine’s tablet and mobile apps. With Labor Day signaling the end of summer, the new edition welcomes autumn by capturing the change the SPF industry is bringing to the construction industry.

“This industry is the embodiment of going above and beyond the status quo,” said Ryan Spencer, Editor-in-Chief. “Spray foam doesn’t simply meet the latest building standards, but rather takes them to new levels. We capture that notion quite well in this issue.”

The latest edition touches on virtually every aspect of the spray foam industry, from the production of SPF, to the best practices of SPF installations, to the real-world results SPF delivers.

Highlights from the September/October 2014 Issue

  • Demilec opens a world-class manufacturing facility
  • Spray foam insulates the Southern Living Idea House
  • Closed-cell SPF benefits Green building
  • A West Point barracks is retrofitted with SPF
  • Spray foam benefits commercial buildings
  • A Louisiana manufacturer earns national recognition
  • Proposing a new metric for insulation performance
  • SPF rescues roof restoration interrupted by winter
  • An award-winning wine institute gets recoated
  • Designing a spray rig that gets you noticed

Another Year Gone By
The September/October 2014 Issue marks Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine’s third anniversary. Founded with a vision of bringing the latest stories and most engaging content to the SPF industry, Spray Foam Magazine has reached nearly 50,000 readers and has had over 1.25 million pages read to date.

“We’re so exited to see how this publication has grown and changed over the past three years,” Spencer said. “We aim to continue delivering the industry’s best content, and to continually improve our readers’ experience.”

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