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A "Bryan Baeumler Approved" SPF contractor is one who has been thoroughly vetted and found to perform to the highest quality standards.

Help Homeowners And Be “Baeumler-Approved”


I get thousands of emails asking me for advice like what to tackle first and where to find reliable companies.

Finding the right tradesperson isn’t so simple. Hiring a tradesperson is a bit like choosing a partner and getting married — it’s a very subjective commitment and individual results may vary.

Common sense tells us that we generally get what we pay for; to be wary of the “too good to be true” price. Many homeowners have learned the hard way that it often costs more in the long run to repair poor work done by a fly-by-night in a rusty pick-up. Homeowners will get the most out of a renovation investment if they learn to prioritize and compromise. An aesthetically beautiful living space makes a house feel like home, but considering efficiency and health is key; it is what is behind the walls that really matters. No matter how impressive their space, all will be for naught if they can’t afford the energy bills to keep it warm, or if mold and moisture affect their family’s health. Choosing an experienced spray foam installer with a superior product will help them focus on what really matters and make the most of the budget they have. My relationship with Elastochem is a result of this shared mindset. Not only do we want the most efficient insulation, we also want the most environment-friendly solutions for Canadians. Elastochem is the only manufacturer that offers energy efficiency with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1. This is a 99.99 percent reduction in the GWP of spray foam insulation. Elastochem is a home-grown phenomenon in Canada, being owned and operated by an environmentally responsible Canadian family.

I have made it my mission to help homeowners make the right decisions; to hire someone with a solid reputation in the industry who will give the best advice and guidance. This is the reason that I have established the Baeumler-Approved Network. “Baeumler-Approved” verifies liability insurance and Workers Compensation coverage. Our staff speaks directly with previous clients of the applicant to obtain information in regards to quality of work, safety, budget, timeline compliance, and respect towards them and their property. They also speak with other companies that the applicant has collaborated with in order to get a sense of professionalism, safety compliance, quality of work, and communication. The most important benefit we see in speaking with other trade companies is the insight that it provides into the “contractor community” of the applicant. These people work together: How do they reflect on each other and how do they represent themselves?

In addition to the checks that we perform, we always encourage homeowners to do their own digging and to collect insurance, Workers’ Compensation information, and other pertinent documents. Ultimately, choosing whom to work with is entirely dependent on the comfort level felt with the potential company. The smoothest projects always happen when both parties communicate openly and honestly so they can truly, completely trust each other. The effective flow of communication must continue regularly through the progression of the job to ensure that neither party is caught off guard or left out.

The Baeumler-Approved Network has helped existing members grow their businesses by providing a means to increase leads, the power to close more sales, networking opportunities, and great savings with our member benefits. Our interactive website provides homeowners with the ability to search for “Baeumler-Approved” members in their area and to do some basic research on types of services provided. We promote our members with exposure to the homeowner market at events such as local home shows through newspaper and magazine articles such as this one, and other multimedia outlets. Due to the strength of the Baeumler brand, we are able to offer exclusive cost savings and special offers to our members through such partners as Elastochem, Lowe’s Canada, Staples, Petro Canada, and RAM Trucks to name a few.

One of the most beneficial aspects that “Baeumler-Approved” has developed is the ability for our members to cross-promote and network with other members. In cities across Canada, our members have been working together to establish communities based on the shared commitment to quality, service, and professionalism.

We are actively seeking new members across Canada. To apply, or for more information about the Baeumler-Approved Network, visit our website at

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