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Home for a Hero

Home for a Hero

Several entities unite to build an energy-efficient home for U.S. Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson

By Demilec 


Jennifer Nelson was six months pregnant with her first child when she received news that her husband was severely injured from a rocket blast during his third tour in Afghanistan in 2013.

More than 7,000 miles away from his wife and soon-to-be baby girl, United States Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson and his special operations team had encountered heavy fire that would leave him a C7 complete quadriplegic. Captain Nelson underwent dozens of surgeries for his multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, severe shrapnel wounds, multiple spinal fractures, severe tissue damage to his left ankle, collapsed lungs, and severely bruised organs. He also received a massive blood transfusion and tracheostomy.

Demilec Spray Foam Applied to Hero's Home

Nelson’s new, energy-efficient home is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

After stabilizing, Nelson was transferred to a hospital in Florida to work through rehabilitation and receive ongoing treatments. With no movement below the chest and limited movement in his hands, Captain Nelson and his family soon found themselves in need of a mobility-friendly home, which can be quite costly. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners can spend up to $20,000 when remodeling for disability accommodations.

With the support of Randy Wise Homes, Demilec, and Gulf Coast Insulation, national non-profit Building Homes for Heroes stepped in to prove that America does not forget about its heroes.

Home for a Hero with Demilec Spray Foam

Demilec’s Sealection 500 open-cell foam was utilized to insulate Captain Nelson’s home

“U.S. Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson sacrificed so much for all of our freedom, and to help an American hero really touches my heart,” said Chad Gottlieb, director of construction for Building Homes for Heroes.

Since its inception in 2006, Building Homes for Heroes has been at the forefront of making a significant difference in the lives of severely injured American service members and their families. The nonprofit organization gifts homes to wounded veterans in order to remove financial burdens, while enabling them to lead a more independent and productive civilian life. To date, the organization has built more than 125 mortgage-free homes for veterans across the country, and plans to gift 33 homes this year.

After hearing Captain Nelson’s story of incredible bravery, Demilec, one of the largest manufacturers of spray applied polyurethane foam insulation in North America, signed on with Building Homes for Heroes to make the Nelson’s new home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, energy-efficient. Demilec donated its award-winning Sealection 500 spray foam insulation to completely outfit the 5,000-square foot wheelchair accessible home.

“Demilec is thankful for Captain Nelson’s service to his country and privileged to contribute to the home that this veteran and his family deserves,” said Paul Valle, CEO of Demilec.

In partnership with its long-standing customer Gulf Coast Insulation, the two companies ensured 100 percent of the spray foam and labor was donated.

Home for Hero gets insulated with Demilec Spray Foam

Jennifer Nelson and Captain Nathan Nelson

Demilec is thankful for Captain Nelson’s service to his country and privileged to contribute to the home that this veteran and his family deserves

“In 2013, we learned about Building Homes for Heroes through Randy Wise Homes, and ever since then we have followed them online to catch wind of their projects and get involved,” says Jon LaGrosse, the owner of Gulf Coast Insulation. “This is our third project with Building Homes for Heroes.”

Demilec’s cutting-edge Sealection 500 open-cell spray foam insulation expands 120 times its liquid volume to insulate and seal gaps with a single application. It has dramatically increased energy efficiency for millions of residential and commercial property owners and reduced heat and cooling costs up to 50 percent, while preventing dust, pollen, and other outdoor pollutants from infiltrating the home. It will not sag, settle, deteriorate or decompose, making it a great choice for energy conscious builders.

“Sealection 500 fits into every nook and cranny—so Gulf Coast Insulation sprayed the walls, they sprayed the roofline, and the entire attic will be a sealed attic assembly. By doing that, we’re blocking out the hot humid air we have in the panhandle and keeping in the cool dry air that we’re making,” said Steve Crossley, the Florida territory manager for Demilec. “This house is made tight, built tight, and it’s going to be ventilated right.”

“Spraying this high-quality insulation will help keep us comfortable through the hot Florida summers and warm during the winters. We’re very appreciative,” says Captain Nelson.

Sealection 500 open-cell spray foam insulation has also been approved through third-party testing for use in unvented attics without an ignition barrier. When working with Demilec’s Sealection 500, contractors will not need to apply a secondary ignition barrier to the spray foam, saving time and money on the job site.

Spray Foam by Demilec Applied to Hero's Home

Demilec, Building Homes for Heroes, and Gulf Coast Insulation ensured that 100 percent of the spray foam and labor was donated.

“By using the Sealection 500, Demilec is able to help Building Homes for Heroes provide Captain Nelson with an energy-efficient, insulated house reducing environmental and financial factors that could impact the home and the family,” Valle says.

For his service and sacrifice for his country, Captain Nelson received the Purple Heart as well as more than a dozen other commendations.

“This house to me represents utter freedom for Nathan, for me and for our daughter Eva,” says Jennifer Nelson. “This house is going to allow him to do everything that he wants to do, and be the best father he always envisioned himself to be.”•

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