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The Industry’s Newest Innovations Highlight Spray Foam Magazine’s Latest Issue

The November/December 2014 Issue is now available to read for free.

Spray Foam Magazine’s last edition of 2014 has been published. The November/December Issue is now available to read for free online or via the Spray Foam Magazine App on tablets and mobile devices. The latest edition touches on some new innovations in the spray foam industry.

“Innovation and change are in the spray foam industry’s blood,” said Ryan Spencer, Editor-in-Chief. “Those forces have not only dictated the evolution of the industry itself, but also have contributed to the evolution of other industries with which spray foam interfaces.”

The issue highlights a wide array of advancements, from a new American-made spray gun to a revolutionary low-pressure foam system to a primer on how spray foam is benefitting commercial buildings.

New Milestones

The November/December edition is also noteworthy for being Spray Foam Magazine’s 20th issue to date. From an initially modest distribution, Spray Foam Magazine has grown to be the industry’s largest and widest-read periodical. The publication recently surpassed a readership of 55,000 people, who’ve read over 1.35 Million pages to date.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of the spray foam industry’s premier magazine,” said Spencer. “We’ve reached more people and published more content than anyone else, and we have the figures to back it up.”

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Highlights from the November/December 2014 Issue
. The SPF industry’s latest spray gun
. Commercial structures benefit from spray foam
. A game-changing low-pressure foam system
. Restoring an aging SPF roof with minimal effort
. Spray foam solves a smokehouse situation
. Waterproofing done right with spray polyurea
. Recapping ICAA 2014 with photos
. The new tactic that is transforming advertising

About Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine: Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine is targeted to a global audience of building construction professionals and energy-conscious readers. It is distributed bi-monthly to applicators, manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, general contractors, architects, engineers, and managers in both the public and private sectors. For more information, or free instant access, please use the links provided below.

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