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Legislative Update: Save with Tax Credits and Rebate Programs

There are a lot of ways in which a homeowner can benefit from spray foam insulation. We’re all familiar with them: structural integrity for the home, energy efficiency, waterproofing – the list goes on. And we do our best as industry professionals to get the word out to homeowners concerning these benefits. But what most homeowners don’t know is that not only can they save money on utility bills in the long term, they can also get money back immediately just for installing SPF in the first place.

In addition to scores of region-specific programs, federal tax credits have offered big bucks for making home improvements. But in a slagging economy, these incentives are in danger. In order for customers to take full advantage of what’s out there (and subsequently invest in your services), it’s important to be up to speed with policy -making and act as liaison between customer and lawmaker. Here, we’ll examine several homeowner retrofit incentives: old and new federal tax credits; legislation that, if overly optimistic, is heading in the right direction; and where to point potential customers for rebates in their impending absence.

Link to Article: Legislative Update: Keeping Yourself and Your Customers Informed About Ways to Save with Tax Credits and Rebate Programs

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