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Mobile Foam: Ready-built Homes Benefit From SPF in Multiple Ways

Ready-built Homes Benefit From SPF in Multiple Ways

New home construction is evolving in the open areas of North America. Why have construction crews come to your lot to build your home when you can have the home built off-site and delivered to you, ready to occupy? With vast lands and accessible highways, many homeowners in the Great Plains are opting for off-site builds and having their homes delivered to even the most remote locations, ready to occupy. A growing number of ready-built homes are benefiting from advances in systematic construction and are frequently
integrating spray foam insulation. For Matt Schell, owner of Midwest Foam & Coatings (MFC) in Watertown, South Dakota, ready-built houses are not just common; they are a vital part of his business.

MFC primarily services the area of South Dakota and surrounding states that include North Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. With the help of one crewmember, or by himself on
occasion, Schell applies spray foam insulation for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential projects, and has been doing so for nearly seven years with MFC. One of Schell’s major year-round endeavors is installing spray foam insulation in ready-built homes, which are constructed in a manufacturing facility from the ground up. The
homes are later transported to a designated location and set down on a newly constructed foundation. Cashway Redi-Built Home Center, a residential manufacturing company that specializes in the assembly of ready-built homes, constantly brings in MFC to insulate the houses at Cashway’s lot before they go out to their respective destinations. The partnership between Cashway and MFC is solid, as all of the ready-built houses that are constructed by Cashway are advertised to have SPF in them.

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