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New Jersey Builder Converts to Spray Foam

He began his success with spray foam through the construction of his very own home

Kevin Keefe, at the helm of New Jersey-based KeefeScape Construction, found open-cell spray foam to be an invaluable k asset to a 4-unit condo that he designed and built.

In 2007, he constructed the condo complex “Fore at the Shore” in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and lived in one of its units for three years. Despite its golf-oriented monicker, the condo was not adjacent to a golf course; rather, it was built directly across from a set of railroad tracks and a highway road. Basically, the condos were situated in a sonic nightmare.

That is, the condos “would have been” situated in a sonic nightmare had it not been for the open-cell spray foam Keefe installed in the complex. He applied open-cell foam to the exterior walls of the 4,200 sq-ft condo, as well as the interiors walls dividing each unit.

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